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Why won’t Glovo let me order McDonalds, Burger King or KFC?

27 de April de 2021

The delivery service is considered by many to be one of the most versatile and advantageous available today. Thanks to him, we can easily buy products from a company, and very soon receive them from the comfort of our home. The products carried by the delivery service vary and can range from food to tools or any kind of purchase.

Large food chains offer delivery services, however, what stands out most are the companies that are dedicated to carrying them out. Glovo, for example, is a company of Spanish origin that is dedicated to making purchases and home deliveries only in Spain.

Since it was founded in 2014, it continues to impress all users today who have the opportunity to try its services and app.

It works through a delivery system who move on the streets called “Glovers”, who buy and move the items. Anyone who wishes can download the Glovo app and start ordering home deliveries, or become a registered glovers.

Why won’t Glovo let me order McDonald’s?

McDonald’s is probably one of the largest, most successful, and easy-to-find family food chains in the world. For this very reason, McDonald’s has alliances with Glovo which allow Spanish citizens to buy through the delivery app.

If you wish, you can easily enter Glovo, and start looking through all your options to buy McDonald’s service.

However, even though Glovo has a very simple, easy-to-use interface, and also works with McDonald’s, you may not find this option. If you can’t find the happy meal house, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Glovo won’t let you order in the app. ANDThe system is likely to have problems or Glovo app does not work correctly.

mcdonalds logo

Or maybe, maybe it is possible that you have not searched so thoroughly as to find McDonald’s among all the purchase options.

Why won’t you let me order Burger King?

Burger King is one of the most successful hamburger specialty food franchises in the middle of the food chains. Since their inception and the development of their concept in 1953 they have continued to impress families internationally who enjoy good food.

How could it be otherwise, Spanish citizens also enjoy the best-known hamburgers in the world thanks to homes. And especially Glovo can get you these burgers at a good price and in a short time be taking them to the comfort of your home.

However, if you can’t find Burger King Among all the purchase options Glovo offers you, it is likely that you should look better. Now, if the problem is based on the fact that once you find the string in the app you get an error when requesting an order, it is probably the app.

If the application throws you some kind of error when requesting a Burger King address, possibly be it momentary failures that will be resolved shortly.

Why won’t you let me order KFC?

KFC is also part of this golden trinity of fast food chains, providing probably the most flavourful fried chicken in the category. If even though you have Glovo, you cannot order food from KFC, it may be because You haven’t looked closely for its option in the app.

Now, if it turns out that you find it but due to an unknown error you cannot carry out your orders, it may be thanks to a momentary technical failure. Or you should also investigate where Glovo works or operates where you live. Sure, all applications go through some, but the good thing is that they are always solved quickly.

Are these the only possible reasons for not being able to order McDonald’s, Burger King, or KFC?

It is not necessarily that Glovo will not let you order or that it is due to system errors, or you have not yet learned to use the Glovo application, or that Glovers are not available.

burguer king logo

In this case, the Glovo application will let you know, and delivery drivers will be available soon. So don’t give up and order your fast food through Glovo right now.