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Why when downloading Valorant does it stay at 95%? – Solution

27 de May de 2022

Valorant is a shooter-style video game with first-person gameplay, as well as being a multiplayer that you can download for PC. It was developed by Riot Games and first known as ‘Project A’ in 2019. This game has been made quite popular due to its difficulty at the time of the shooting and the requirement of a strategy. Although most people have problems downloading it, in this article we explain how to solve it.

What do I do if the Valorant download stays at 95% and does not progress?

For some users, obtaining it has become a complicated task, because when the installation starts everything seems to go normally. But when you reach 95% of the download, is stops abruptly. This happens for several reasons, here are some options that can help you complete the download.

But before proceeding with the installation, take into account aspects such as the capacity of your equipment. Because the game requires at least a Windows 7 operating system, 8 or 10 of 64-b. It is also necessary 4 GB of Ram, Intel i3-370M Processor, 1 GB of VRAM and Intel HD 300 graphics card. If these minimum requirements are not met, it will be impossible to acquire it.

reinstall the game

In some cases the error is very easy to solve. The installation can be resumed by proceeding to uninstall the file and Valorant is re-downloaded and installed on your computer. This happens due to small bugs that affect the computer’s operating system.

Reboot PC

Another solution that is so simple that it may seem easy is to turn off and then on your computer and hope that the error disappears. Sometimes the problem arises from a connection failure in Valorant. In this way, if something was preventing the launcher from downloading the files correctly, after having restarted the computer the error disappears.

Similarly, you should make sure that Valorant is not the first program you start once your device is restarted. This may re-enable that bug.

Clear the cache of the device

You can also use clear cache, with this you will be deleting a large amount of temporary data from applications or programs. But without deleting the user.

In this way, the programs you are using will be as good as new. This action may fix the installation issue, because you can delete any temporary data that is causing conflict when developing the application. This is a good alternative if you find that restarting your PC does not download the game normally.

Uninstall the latest OS update

Although it is recommended that it be installed with the new version of the Windows operating system. In certain cases it happens that some update of the same hinders the installation. So it is recommended to disable the one you have made and resume the installation of the game.

valorant download freezes

Where can I submit a ticket to Valorant support?

If you have some persistent problems, the best thing you can do is go to the official website and enter the support website to the client. It’s simple and you can quickly create your ticket.

Once you are on the Riot website you will have to click on the Valorant section. Here you will find several options from which you can select the problem you are presenting.

If the error is in any of these categories in the same tab you can see how to solve it. But if not, at the end of the text you will read the statement ‘You can not find what you’re looking for? Generate a ticket‘.

Next, you must select the type of request you will make from the drop-down menu. It is very important that you are logged in before generating it, otherwise you will not be able to send it.

Continuing with the support ticket, in the description box you can add information that help understand and solve your problem. You can also attach images or documents, to finish you must click on ‘send’ and wait for a support agent to contact you.