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Why Valorant Gets Black Screen and How to Fix It?

27 de April de 2022

In the scene of e-sports and competitive multiplayer video games, Valorant is the most popular of them all. The videogame requires minimum computer requirementsmaking it versatile to play on almost any device.

However, like any computer game, it is quite common to find compatibility problems and bugs that cause inconvenience in the gaming experience. One of the most common failures are the popular black screens, although the solutions for this problem are already known.

What causes Valorant to turn black?

The first thing to rule out is playing the video game on a computer whose components meet the minimum requirements to move the video game without problems, as well as possible connection problems with the server. The minimum requirements that a computer must meet to move Valorant are the following.

  • Windows 7 of 64 Bit.
  • 4GB of RAM memory.
  • IntelCore 2 Duo E8400 (Intel), Athlon 200GE (AMD).
  • IntelHD 4000, Radeon R5 200.

The problem is not related to a computer unable to play the game, if the computer to play the game has these components or one of the components is superior. In this case it will be a software failure.

How to fix Valorant if my screen goes black?

Once the hardware errors have been ruled out, then we have to get down to work to detect what is the software problem that prevents the video game from working. Software issues can be simplified into 3 types, corrupted files, driver failure, or location.

Update graphics drivers

Graphics drivers are the part of the operating system that is responsible for running the hardware that drives video games. In video games, they are the most important and the most common to present problems.

The three companies responsible for the graphics components of a PC are Nvidia, AMD and Intel. Depending on which graphics are being used, the drivers to update will be different. To simplify the update process, it can be done through Windows Update from the Windows configuration options.

Using the Windows tool you can detect the necessary updates. But more experienced users will be able to check what are the controllers of its components and download them from the company’s support pages.

Delete and reinstall the app

It can also happen that game files get corrupted after some update or an unexpected closing. If this is the case, the most direct way to fix the problem is to uninstall and re-download the files.

Another alternative is to use the application launcher so that detect which are the corrupt files and repair them. This process is much faster and simpler than doing a fresh install, but it won’t be as accurate as reinstalling.

In the case of opting for this option, there is no need to worry about lose account data. As long as the user’s data is up to date on RIOT’s servers, the information will be updated as soon as the user logs in.

change location

In the event that none of the previous solutions have worked, you will have to reinstall the game but on a different storage unit.

It could be that the problem is caused by a failure of the storage drive (either a hard drive or an SSD) or compatibility issues between the storage and the software. You can either replace the main storage unit or add an external drive and install the video game there.

If you still have not been able to solve your problems, then it will be necessary to contact Valorant technical support to get direct assistance from the developer company.

Within the support page there will be sections for common player questions, both for monetization or technical support issues. In the specific case of the black screen error, it will be necessary to submit a request for direct assistance.

dual monitors play computer

Finally, there is also the problem of being able to run the game but facing a poor performance on PC. To solve performance issues, the solution is to use some tweaks in Valorant’s settings. for it to run stably.