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Why does UBER mark me an ERROR? How do I Fix the Uber Error?

12 de June de 2021

If you are having application errors and you can’t find him one quick solution stay with us, here we will explain what happens and how you can solve the problem when uber marks an error.

Uber is an application used by many countries around the world. And, this can only mean one thing: when an application is so widely used, it has a large number of registered people paying for its services on a daily and regular basis. This fact has made Uber into a millionaire company in just a few years.

And, it has used much of this wealth in being able to strengthen the application in terms of codes and the ease of its application in terms of handling.

However, even if you have paid a lot of attention to the details of the application, different problems can always occur when the application is trafficked. With these problems we refer specifically to errors that appear for no apparent reason in the application.

It is likely that you can find an answer in the section of App help from Uber or on their website, where they have a wide catalog of questions and answers.

Invalid payment method

Actually, the errors that can occur in Uber are classified into two, these being the most common: the errors that are fan of invalid payment methods if you are a user and those of invalid vehicle for Uber drivers. This is because this application is usually very solid when it comes to its use, as it does not have many flaws.

For now, let’s focus on the errors by invalid payment methods. These are errors that will often appear when you want to request an Uber from your location or want to pay for a service. Here, there may be many reasons for this, such as the fact that your card is overdue or you have no funds.

When we talk about credit cards, we recommend that you make an effort to review every little detail, such as the money of the card, that the data is correct when you affiliate it with Uber and that you have not reported as missing. Otherwise, you will have to contact your bank to find out what the problem is with the card. It is also important that you know which cards Uber accepts to know if yours is compatible with this service.

In case of digital payments, there are few reasons for an error to appear. But, it is usually common that you have made bad calculations and do not have enough money to be able to request or pay for a trip. For this reason, we emphasize that you review your money before any transaction.

uber start

When do you get the “invalid vehicle” message as an Uber driver?

Since the trip types function was implemented within the application, the times that you have had to connect through another car have been left behind. For this reason, when you enter, it is likely that you will get the invalid vehicle message, which is because the “secondary vehicle”No longer exists in your account. But don’t panics as this is easy to fix.

Start by forcing the app to close and wait about half a minute. Then, re-enter the application but logging in with your main vehicle.

From here, all you have to do is enter the “preferences”And in the part that says“My agenda”You will be able to filter and select the type of trip you want to receive and you will no longer have to deal with the continuous error.

We recommend, however, that if you have continuous problems with the application in any way, we invite you to contact Uber support so that you can solve any small detail that you have pending.

We hope this information has helped you to know why uber mark error sometimes.