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Why does Mercado Libre ask me for my Ine, Ife or a photo of ID or card? Free Market Requirements

28 de April de 2021

One question people always ask is how companies that are responsible for distributing third-party sales ads can make sure they deliver what they promise And that they are not scammers who seek to leave economic hardships for both the page and the buyers.

This is because, being such a large company and expanding to almost all Spanish-speaking countries, Mercado Libre has to respond in detail for each case of extortion or corruption that happens between buyers and sellers.

One of the ways Mercado Libre ensures that people are not scammers and dishonest is through certain discreet agreements. that are done when creating an account on the page.

With this, they manage to keep track of who is the person who owns the account in the national system and thus be able to give it judicial repercussions without trying to do something that is against the laws. rules of use.

Many people tried to scam and make money with Mercado Libre by using the shipment of false or defective merchandise priced standard or slightly lower than normal to appear attractive to online shoppers. This is why it is very important to know how to buy in Mercado Libre, and thus be able to find reliable sellers.

Once you buy, you should know how to rate the seller who just sent you your products. This is mandatory, since the company must have a record of all the transactions that are carried out under the name of the page in order to correct any flaw or setback that affects the quality of sales and service.

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What is a Mercado Libre account?

A Mercado Libre account it is a special membership with which you can make payments for the publication of the sales of your products, or to buy the products you want. This account has many payment methods which range from credit services to cash or cash payments.

To the power regulate actions between users, the company allows them to have messaging services and questions in the publications of the products in order to clarify doubts regarding the merchandise. Thanks to the account service, the owner of the merchandise can reply directly to his customers.

It is important to note that to have an account in Mercado Libre you must enter through the website or download its app from the Google Play Store. Is it has a very useful search engine which serves to find results throughout the Latin American territory. Also, people can learn how to delete App history.

This account is of unique creation and one person can only have one account at a time. These are verified in different ways so that the company makes sure that the creator of the account is not a robot, and for this it uses different methods.

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Why does Mercado Libre ask me for the INE, IFE, or a photo of my ID?

This is because the people who create accounts on the page are not regulated by any entity, and this causes anyone to create an account for malicious purposes.

There have been many cases in which people arrange meetings with prospective clients who have accounts and appear normal, but when they arrive at the meetings the salespeople have been stripped of their merchandise.

When a user tries to do this, the company must notify pertinently to the authorities and give them the necessary data to be able to find the criminal.

For this, the page has different security methods to verify identity of people who log in and create accounts. Once the page has your ID or your identification, they can bring you legal charges for any lewd behavior that you commit against other users and that may damage the reputation of the page.

Thanks to methods like this, merchandise exchange platforms still afloat today and they remain an extremely important part of many people’s economies.