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Why Can’t You Hear Me At The Zoom Meeting And How To Fix It? (Example)

19 de May de 2021

With everything that has been happening in recent times, today more than ever video calling apps like Zoom have become essential. For this reason, some people cannot afford to have something go wrong in a meeting, and with that in mind today we will learn why don’t you listen to me at the Zoom meeting? And your solution.

And it is that, although this platform is great and lets you do whatever you want (like converting a Zoom recording to mp4 video format), it is not exempt from errors and failures, which if presented at the wrong time can drive anyone crazy.

Why don’t you listen to me at the Zoom meeting?

To go directly to the point of your interest, you should know that why they do not listen to me in the Zoom meeting, is one of the questions that most haunts the heads of the users of this platform, and the reality is that there is no answer specific to this.

As failure can occur for multiple reasons. One of the most common is the fact that the mobile is incorrectly configured, that is, the audio from the Zoom microphone has not been accepted.

Another thing that generates the annoying inconvenience, but this time on the PC, is the fact of using an external microphone, because although this is connected to the PC, it must also be configured in Zoom to work (it does not accept it natively) .

In turn, this failure can be caused by silly problems, such as the fact that the multimedia volume of your mobile phone or microphone is not up, or that you are sharing the wrong audio source.

No matter what your problem is, below are the different solutions that you can use to solve it, but remember that these only work with the official app, not a pirate one.

Solutions for Zoom Audio Problems!

With the above, it is already known why they do not listen to me in the Zoom meeting, so it is time to see the solutions for this problem, so that you not only solve it, but also that you can go on to look for things that will leave you learn how to better use this app (such as What security issues does the Zoom app have?).

Now, the first solution that you should apply if you are on a mobile or tablet, is to enable microphone optionTo achieve this you just have to click on the icon of a microphone that appears at the bottom left of the screen.

Once you’ve done it, hit “Accept” when you get a dialog box with the statement Allow Zoom to record audio ?, that option will enable the sound.

If it does not work, then you have to check if the volume of your microphone is low or not, you do that by going again to the microphone icon and pressing the up arrow next to it (on PC this option is in the same place).

smartphone with zoom app

This action will display a menu where you have to choose “Audio settings”, there you can check the volume and other features, which when fixing (raising the volume), will let the audio be heard.

Solve the problem of audio from a PC

With the above, you already know how to fix the problem of the question, why don’t you listen to me at the Zoom meeting? On your mobile. However, you still need to see how to solve the problem if you chose to download Zoom for your computer.

To do this, the first thing you have to do is make sure that the microphone and audio are enabled, giving the combination of ALT + A keys. In case they are and you still don’t hear anything, then the problem must be that you are sharing the audio from the PC and not the app.

The solution to this problem is simple, you just have to press the up arrow next to the microphone and enable the option “Realtek high definition audio”, which would be Zoom’s microphone.