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Why can’t my Camera Image be seen in WhatsApp Video Calls?

7 de February de 2022

The famous instant messaging application WhatsApp has managed to position itself as one of the most popular among the public around the world. This is thanks to its ability to connect people through their messages, voice audio, calls and video calls, which is one of the most used functions by users of said application, thanks to the fact that it is can connect in a more intimate way with the people.

The reason WhatsApp’s in-app video calling feature is so popular with the public is that it allows users to connect in a more intimate way through video. However, there are times when the video image during the video call may fail and this can be due to various factors. Next, you will know what the causes and possible solutions may be for a better experience.

What can cause WhatsApp video calls not to work?

In this age, remote communication has become essential for people from all over the world, and this is something easy to achieve thanks to applications like WhatsApp that allows its users through messages, audio, calls and video calls. However, when problems occur in the operation of these functions, for example in video calls, it is something of a concern.

The best benefit of using this application is that its users can communicate over long distances from anywhere in the world through its functions. All the available functions can be used anytime and anywhere, the only requirement is to have an internet connection via WIFI or mobile data.

It is not common for the WhatsApp application to present problems when making video calls, even so, there are always exceptions or common problems that could be the reason for a failure. This is why, if you have any of the following problems, it is very possible that this is the cause of your failed video calls.

system errors

The messaging application belonging to Meta does not usually present errors in its system, in fact it is something unusual. Even so, there are times when the platform’s servers may have service failures, so there is nothing you can do but wait for the platform to restore its services again.

If you are not sure that the problem is a system error, and that the problem is not just a fault with your device, you can make sure entering any page from your web browser. In case it connects normally, you will know that your connection is stable and that the problem is from the application system.

slow internet connection

As long as users have connection to WIFI or mobile data will be able to use the functions of the WhatsApp application. In the event that errors occur when making a video call from the application, it is likely that these are not due to system problems, because as mentioned before this is unusual, the reality is that the problem is very common .

connection error

The video call function in WhatsApp does not usually present failures, and in case this happens, the main cause of this is usually that the Internet connection is not stable. This is why, if you want to make or receive a video call from this application, you must first make sure that your connection is good, otherwise the image and audio in it will present problems.

How to make WhatsApp video calls work well?

During this new style of life to which people around the world have had to adapt, the video calls of the WhatsApp application have managed to be the most accessible means of communication and effective, whether it’s communicating with family and friends or in work situations, this feature gets the job done. Due to this need, it is necessary that these video calls are made without failure and with good image quality.

It can be common for users to make video calls to talk either with their family, friends or with any person or situation, present inconveniences such as cuts in the image or audio. This is why, if you want to have a successful video call, here are some recommendations to achieve it, whether you use the application on your device or the WhatsApp web service.

good internet connection

A good Internet connection is essential to make calls or video calls without problems, either through WIFI or mobile data, it must be stable. Otherwise, the service will present errors such as cuts and pixelated images or distortion in the audio.

woman on a video call

In case of problems when making video calls, try to access another connection different Internet connection (either mobile data or WIFI) because it is possible that the network you are using is not configured correctly to make calls through an application such as WhatsApp.

A camera in good condition

Although many times the problems in the image during video calls are due to the connection, this is not always the case, as there are times when the problem it’s because of the camera of the mobile device. To avoid situations like this, it is necessary to make sure that the camera lens is clean before making or receiving the call.

In the same way, it is essential that the camera of the mobile device is in good condition, that is, that it is not broken. If it is broken, it might stop working and the screen would be black or gray.

Avoid background apps

Before making a video call, try to close other applications such as Facebook, Instagram, among others, that could be running during the call. These background applications can cause the Internet connection to become unstable, which could lead to connection errors as explained recently.