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Why can’t I pay with Facebook Pay and how to fix it?

17 de May de 2022

Without a doubt, this digital wallet is one of the greatest innovations that the Meta emporium has offered us. However, all new project presents some inconveniences at the beginning. If you cannot execute your payments through Facebook Pay, you must detect the reasons and proceed to make some adjustments to solve it.

Main reasons why I can’t pay with Facebook Pay

Despite the tests carried out before its launch, it often happens that you cannot cancel through Facebook Pay. East has different payment methods, such as sending money in iMessage with Apple Pay to execute your transactions. For that reason, the chances of it presenting failures are increased. In this case, the main causes are usually:

  • It may happen that connection errors influence the operation of your digital wallet.
  • if you are using Facebook Pay from any of the social networks of Meta, you may experience crashes. In principle, by the link of your associated card and the connection with your bank account.
  • Also, it is an obstacle in the use of this wallet, that your country is not yet among the privileged to use this tool of the App.

The servers are not available or I do not have internet

In effect, you may experience failures in your wireless network. Although Facebook seeks to improve the service to its usersit is possible that some mismatch is occurring in your connection, as we indicate below:

  • Faults in your WiFi system or fiber optic problems.
  • Network errors that may be generated by a bad cable.
  • Inconveniences originating from the company that supplies you the internet.
  • Difficulties in the signal of your mobile data plan.

In addition, servers can also present collapses due to the excess of connected users. But don’t worry, in this case, you just have to wait a few minutes and refresh the page. Then you can continue using your digital wallet as normal.

fix facebook pay digital wallet

It does not charge my associated card in Facebook Pay

Another drawback is that there are errors with your associated bank account to the same. Well, if you have added your credit or debit card, some problems prevent it from being recognized. It may happen that you want to make a payment, or receive money from a client, and the wallet does not support the associated card. Well, at the time of add payment method and select internet banking, you may not be able to verify your profile. This can delay your process for more than three days.

For this reason, the affiliation of credit cards or Paypal accounts is the most expeditious option. Users prefer this payment method, due to the speed to make the transactions. However, this way of cancellation can also cause failures when your card is not charged to the system.

Facebook Pay is not available in my country

We have no doubt about the effectiveness of such a wallet around the world. But sometimes, some people can’t make their payments. In that sense, there is a possibility that it is not available in your country.

Although the social networks that are unified in Meta are linked to Facebook Pay, they have been integrated worldwide. That is in some nations they will only be able to carry them out through Facebookothers can also carry them out by Messenger.

Also, we will see the green light to make payments through WhatsApp and Instagram. However, it will depend on the country where you live. Facebook Pay is available in select nations in Africa, the United States, and various regions in Latin America and Europe.

pay with facebook pay

How to fix these problems to pay with Facebook Pay?

The solutions aimed at solving the inconveniences with your electronic wallet are at your fingertips. Also, always You will have the customer service line available or application help box.

Similarly, you must keep your data updated, save the Facebook Pay PIN code and use your fingerprint and easy recognition to confirm your identity. But the solution to the problems that prevent you from paying through this wallet we show it to you below:

Check my internet connection and clear cache

One of the main solutions is to ensure the operation of your internet service. Since, a stable connection guarantees the efficiency of the wallet. To correct any failure related to your wireless network do the following:

  • Make sure your router connections remain tight.
  • Check that the cables are in good condition and verify the stability of the signal.
  • See if your data plan or internet service is solvent, you can check this with your network operator.

Furthermore, it is very important that keep the cache clean of your device, especially that of your Facebook application. Thus, you can fix iOS update errors. To avoid collapsing this data, do the following:

repair facebook pay payments countries

  1. Enter the tool drawer of your mobile device and press the configuration option.
  2. Locate the applications section and proceed to clean them, especially Facebook.
  3. When you select it, press the free cache button and keep your equipment storage free.

Remove and re-add my card to Facebook Pay

If the problem occurs in the payment methods area, you will need to start from scratch. That is to say, that you eliminate the data of your bank card. Thus, you can add it again as new as follows:

  1. First, update the Facebook app, then sign in with your username.
  2. Open the App settings drawer and locate the Facebook Pay line.
  3. Then, choose to add the payment method and go to the credit or debit card section and select the delete option.
  4. Then close the application and open it again, follow the same steps until you reach this point and add your card details again to enroll again.
  5. Proceed to make the payment you want.

Log back into Facebook

Another effective solution is to leave your social network, close it and enter again. Thus, you will see that the session is refreshed and you will have more chances that the problem will be solved. In addition, the components of your electronic wallet will be updated and you will be able to use it normally.

fix facebook pay wallet

Also, if you are using Facebook on your Android or iOS device, you need to update the app continuously. After that, log in again so that you can try to make payments through the digital wallet in an optimal way.

If you have tried to fix the bug that prevents you from making payments through Facebook Pay, and none of your attempts have been successful. Can you contact customer servicerequesting support to solve the problem.

So, in order to send your request, go to your Facebook profile and locate the help service within the settings menu options. There, you can expose your inconveniencein this case with Facebook Pay payments, then it remains to wait for an effective response from the company’s technical support.