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Why can’t I download the DIDI APP on my cell phone (Example)

11 de July de 2021

DIDI is the mobility app # 1 in the world. Using this service will offer you many advantages. For example: you can move safely and quickly to the place you want, entering the place where you are and where you want to go. You will have the option of share your route on the road, in real time, with your trusted family or contacts.

If an emergency situation arises, you have a security button that calls 911 so that you receive the necessary assistance. You will enjoy competitive rates and promotions that benefit the user. To solve your doubts and needs, you can make use of the Call Center that is available to you The 24 hours of the day.

Registering as a user is very easy. You just have to look for the Didi Pasajero app in App Store or Play Store to download and follow the steps. Many passengers have decided to join this great family, both as passengers and drivers, by downloading the DIDI application on their devices. However, some have asked: Why can’t I download the DIDI app on my cell phone?, this situation becomes quite frustrating. If that is your case, in this blog we will explain the possible reasons. You’ll see how fast and easy it is to solve it.

Why can’t I download the DIDI application on my cell phone?

If you have chosen to switch from UBER to DIDI and have not succeeded, you are not alone. The most common problems that are usually presented are the following: The app does not appear enabled to be downloaded, others report that the application is downloaded but does not work and others the application appears in Chinese. Let’s see what could have happened in these cases and what can you do.

What you should do if you cannot download DIDI on your cell phone

First, identify the problem, follow the recommendations and solve it yourself.

  • The application does not appear enabled for download: Possibly it has been a long time since you tried and DIDI was still not available in the region or city where you live, since at first it was only possible to use it in China. It was recently that the DIDI application was launched in Latin America and Europe. Try again, enter the Play Store and download it, surely this time you can start using it.
  • The application downloads but does not work: This problem occurs many times due to the version of Android that you currently have on your device. What can you do? Two things: You can update your Android version, or, if your device does not allow it, you must purchase a more modern mobile phone to download the DIDI application and all those that you may have tried to download many times and have not been able to use. Maybe it was not in your plans, but it will be a good investment.
  • The DIDI application is downloaded but everything appears in Chinese: If you have experienced this problem, do not be discouraged, follow the following recommendations step by step: In the application, click on the cogwheel, normally this entry takes you to the configuration. Select the second line, there you will find the language section. Choose the language of your preference, and immediately click on the symbol that you see in the upper right and thus you will be configuring the application with the language you chose. From now on you can use DIDI without any obstacles.

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These are the most common problems that are presented when using DIDI, but if you follow the suggestions you just read, you will surely be able to solve it yourself very quickly. In a short time you will be enjoying this popular taxi service, in its different functions, with guaranteed safety. If you are still connected with, you will be able to find everything you need to make it work the best applications of the moment on your devices.