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Which app is better between Facebook Pay and Google Pay? – Payment systems

23 de May de 2022

Every day there are more applications that allow make payments through your mobile app. This in order that users do not have to use other ways to execute payments on said platforms. This is the case of Facebook Pay, which is used to facilitate payments from Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp apps. There are also other platforms such as Google Pay, which works in the same way, but with the difference that it facilitates the payment processes of the Google platform.

All the differences between Google Pay and Facebook Pay

Nowadays mobile payment options become more popular, this is because NFC technology is revolutionizing the world in a positive way. If you want to be part of this type of innovative market, you must choose which method is best for you. So you will have to evaluate the differences between the options currently available. The most popular are Google Pay and Facebook Paywhich were created with the purpose of facilitating the payments of their respective platforms.

Although both applications are very similar due to the fact that they perform the same function, they tend to have some differences such as the mechanism for making payments. Services that can be canceled How are payments sent?, coupons, bonuses and gift cards that the customer receives. In addition, the security of payments within each platform and even the locations where this service is available.

How payments are sent

One of the most relevant aspects when differentiating these two platforms is the way in which payments are sent. In the case of Google Pay, you can use this tool by going to either Facebook home page or by downloading the smartphone app.

Then you will have to enter your respective account and in the right menu of the screen you must click on ‘Account settings’, and the Facebook Pay icon will automatically appear. Then you will have to configure the payment system where your debit or credit card data should be placed and after that you can start sending funds.

Coupons, vouchers and gift cards

One of the differences between these two applications is that Google Pay, users can get gift or loyalty cards. Which will facilitate purchases and can be added to the account, without the need to use your credit or debit card. This tends to do a good thing for people who don’t already have bank accounts and can’t register some of the payment methods.

Similarly, the Facebook Pay app allows you to use payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard or American Express. In addition, it offers users to use the gift card option. Therefore, local payments can be carried out in a few simple steps, which facilitates the sale and purchase of products and services on this platform.

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Security of payments within Facebook Pay and Google Pay

On both platforms, the payment security systems are very good, however, they can be a little different. In the case of Google Pay, payments will always be secure before, during and after each transaction. One of the biggest advantages is that all the data and information will remain protected. In addition, the numbers of your virtual account will not be able to suffer electronic attacks of any kind.

Google Pay also allows you to validate your screen lock settings or add unlock pin. This security measure makes users feel safe when using this app. Since the patterns or fingerprints create another layer of protection when paying or charging for services with the mobile.

The Facebook Pay platform is also very secure, this is because the verification service is complete. So your information will be saved without suffering any risk. However, you should note that when purchasing, your information will be recorded in the appand this causes ads to appear with products similar to your purchases.

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Google Pay and Facebook Pay are not available in all countries

To be able to use Google Pay, you will only have to create a Play Store account and download the app. However, you should keep in mind that this app not available in some countries or regions. So if you want to pay a fee in applications and websites, you can do it from the American, European or Asian continent.

It is important to note that for use Google Pay on iPhone or iPad, you will have to live in the United States, India or Singapore. However, if you are not in some of the countries on the list, you just have to be patient, since the platform is working to make the app available in many more places around the world.

If you want to use Facebook Pay, you can do it from anywhere Facebook is supported. Some of the countries where this app can be used are in Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Also, you should know that support for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger is being rolled out gradually. Therefore, some countries may not be able to use Facebook Pay in other applications that belong to the platform.

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Is Facebook Pay or Google Pay better for managing my money?

Both apps are an excellent option, since they are a simple and fast way to make online payments. In addition, one of the advantages that these two applications share is that at a commercial level it has a very good acceptance in the different online stores in the world.

To get a sense of which is the best method for you, you can use both options and discover each of the functions. Only in this way will you be able to know which platform best suits your needs and demands.