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Where Are the Garages in GTA 5 and How to Buy Them? – History mode

27 de July de 2021

If you already have your latest model vehicle, then you will need to get garages in GTA 5 where you can store it. This is not a minor accent because Failure to do so will have obvious penalties for you.

Accumulating a varied stock of vehicles is usually something important for any player of this famous game. Even more so for collectors, having enough garages to store their acquisitions (legitimate or not) is clearly a necessity. If you still don’t know where to park that nice car that your neighbor kindly decided to give you, here you will find everything you need to know.

Just as you are interested in get garages You may also be interested in knowing how to get helicopters or if you want a more striking vehicle you can buy a tank.

How many garages can be bought in GTA 5?

It is no secret to anyone that getting garages for our GTA 5 vehicles is quite necessary and more when we have some more, although it sounds good to have many garages, there is a limit that it offers us the game GTA 5, consists of having only 6 garages And it also applies to properties such as apartments or houses, for many players of the game GTA 5 the number is fine since it seems a fairly considered number, but for others not so much since there is a desire to have more space.

How the garage works in GTA V

The function of the garages in GTA V is simple, it consists of save your vehicles such as cars, bicycles, motorcycles, for as long as you want and also it will always be close to where you are unless by mistake you have left your vehicle in another place, if so we would have to see the starting points of the mission.

How to have a bigger garage in GTA V

Like everything, when buying a garage in GTA V, prices as well as its characteristics vary, that is, the cheapest garage has a location and a smaller size than the larger garage than if it has more space. and additional, a better location, so for get a bigger garage in GTA V we would have to pay a fair and necessary money in order to obtain it.

What is the best garage in GTA?

Although all GTA garages are useful, it never hurts to acquire the best and most recommended garage of this game, according to the game as well as the players, they say that the most suitable, well-known and complete garage has been the Sandy Shores Airfield , is a garage that is obtained with the mission of (Ron, the nervous), this garage is so spacious that it gives us the luxury of storing planes, helicopters and even military vehicles.

Importance of getting garages in GTA 5

Vehicles have always played a prominent role in the GTA series. From vintage cars to tanks and jetskies, the franchise has only expanded its catalog.

However, what has changed is the way of managing these elements. In this case, getting garages in GTA 5 is essential because it allows you to keep the vehicle in question. It is not enough to steal it or buy it, if it is not properly protected, the game engine will erase it sooner or later.

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In this way, if there is a car that you have particular affection for, it is mandatory that you have your own garage. Likewise, if you are looking to complete a particular collection (of a color, a model or special vehicles) you will need several to achieve it. You will acquire several of thisIn story mode and safe houses usually include a parking space.

How to buy garage in GTA 5 in story mode

For GTA 5 players it is always essential to know how to get garages in story mode, you must bear in mind that the garages will be unlocked as you progress through the main story, after this, should appear on the map and just by going to the location you would have access to select and obtain the one you want, (it should be noted that not all garages are available for all characters).

Where to get garages in GTA 5?

If what you are interested in is exclusively acquiring a new garage, in this section you will find where to locate them without much complication. Continue reading!.

History mode

First of all, it is worth reminding you that several of the safe houses that you acquire during story mode have one or more parking spaces. Equally, various businesses will also provide a similar advantage.

As for the garages, these will be unlocked as you Advances in the main story. Once this is done, they will appear on the map and by going to their location you can acquire it. Although they are a property, many of these will not generate weekly income. Also don’t ignore the fact that not all garages will be available to all characters, so you will have to switch between them to get them all.

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The most recognized garages

Perhaps the best known when it comes to getting garages in GTA 5 is the Sandy Shores Airfield. This is obtained thanks to the mission of “Ron, the nervous” and will allow you to save planes, helicopters and military vehicles.

On the other hand, there are others that after this mission and if you are registered in the Social Club (on Xbox 360 or PS3) you can get them for free. Otherwise you will have to pay a certain amount of money.

This is how you can acquire the Franklin Clinton Garage with space for four cars. You can also get the Trevor Philips Garage also for four cars and the Michael de Santa Garage with the same capacity. All three garages are available for the not so modest sum of $ 30,000.

As for aircraft and military vehicles, you can choose the Franklin Clinton Hangar or Santa’s Michael Hangar. Any of these can be purchased for $ 1,378,000, with enough space for 3 military vehicles and 6 aircraft. If you want something more modest, you can also purchase the Vespucci Heliport for $ 419,850 that will allow you to store up to four helicopters.

Finally, as far as sea is concerned, you can buy the Puerto del Sol Pier if you have $ 75,000. This jetty it has space to dock 7 of your maritime vehicles.

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Online mode

In this game mode, all you have to do is enter the internet in the game itself and go to the following link. There you can buy the one that best suits you by paying the requested amount.

GTA online offers many garages in this way, located in a wide variety of areas, but they are grouped into lower, middle and upper class. In this way, prices range from an affordable $ 25,000 to a considerable $ 150,000.

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How to buy garages in GTA 5 online

As we already realized, obtaining a garage is not difficult and more when it comes to buy in GTA 5 onlineApparently this turns out to be the easiest and most accessible way, then we will leave you a series of steps so that you know how to do it.

  1. Enter the website (Dynasty).
  2. Choose the type of property you want to buy, in this case select (Garages).
  3. To finish, observe and select the garage of your choice.

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Where is Michael’s garage from GTA 5?

It is always quite curious for GTA 5 players know the location from the garage of this character, so so that the search does not become so complicated, we will leave you the exact address so you can get it.

  • Go to (VineWood, Los Santos).
  • There you will find the michael’s mansion just like your garage.

Where is Franklin’s garage in Grand Theft Auto 5?

To find Franklin’s garage in GTA 5We will have to go to the Davis neighborhood, exactly on Grove Street, it is a fairly large and apparently abandoned building, you can also see several car logos and additionally you should know that this garage has space to store up to 5 cars .

How to buy Franklin’s garage

Like any garage, we can buy this one for a considerable price depending on the country where we are, also if you are registered in the Rockstar Games Social Club you can get this garage totally free.

Where are the war cars kept in GTA V?

The GTA V war cars currently we can keep them in the hangars since for now they do not have a garage large enough to store these cars, although it can also vary, for example (if we buy it in the army vehicles, apparently they will be in the hangar), but (if we buy the rest of the cars, they will appear in the garages we have purchased).

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How to buy a hangar in GTA 5

Before acquiring a hangar in GTA5, you should know that only we can choose 5 hangars and additionally, the cheapest can be found at the Los Santos International Airport, although prices may vary, if you can find a great difference in numbers from the cheapest to the most expensive.