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WhatsApp Security Code Changed – Meaning and What Should I Do

17 de February de 2022

The WhatsApp messaging app It is by far the preferred application by millions of users around the world to communicate with others, very close to it is Telegram, which far exceeds it in different functionalities and options, although it is only a little behind in popularity.

One of the most important points that users often worry about is the privacy of your chatsmessages, photos and videos, audios that they share, since nobody would like to be monitored and this is where the security code comes in.

What does change security encryption mean?

The security encryption It is an end-to-end code between the chats of two people who converse, this is used to maintain and ensure the privacy of what is spoken there and no person, including the WhatsApp developers themselves, will not be able to access said conversations without decrypting them first. the security code; understand that it is a protection measure against hackers, viruses and other irregularities that compromise that privacy.

This code is present in the WhatsApp app, Web or desktop version that, by the way, it is possible to download WhatsApp for PC. When we start a new conversation with someone, we will see the message that says the messages and calls are encrypted from end to end and, therefore, nobody can access or obtain information from them; however, in the middle of a conversation we can notice that other information appears indicating that the code has been changed.

It is not a matter of much concern, since this is more than anything, a protection measure that the application itself does in order to maintain privacy between chats. We will proceed to explain some of the reasons why this usually happens.

security compromised in whatsapp

Compromised security encryption

The first reason may be because the code could have been compromised at some point because someone or some virus tried to hack the code, but WhatsApp, seeing such action, immediately changed the code as protection, to prevent the previous one from being compromised and finally decrypted.

It’s also possible that it was a false alarm, but the app still acted on its programming and changed it.

Change of mobile phone

The change of mobile phone or device in general it is also another reason for changing the security code. If you think “Sending messages via WhatsApp from my Google also changes the security code?” The answer is yes.

Likewise, it is another measure of protection of the application itself, since obviously, it is not the same telephone, computer and above all, IP address that will be different in all cases and for that reason, WhatsApp changes end-to-end encryption to maintain security between the different devices you use even though you talk to the same person.

Reinstallation of the application

Finally, the simplest reason, you deleted and reinstalled the app for whatever reason, since WhatsApp is again with its “default configuration” despite being on the same device, the security code will always be changed as many times as WhatsApp has been installed on the same phone or computer; It should be noted that this reinstallation may change the text size to default.

In this sense, there is nothing to be alarmed about because it is a programming of the same developers so preserve the privacy of its users.

deactivating whatsapp security code

How to activate or deactivate the WhatsApp security code?

Turn security encryption on or off It is not possible to do it, at least not legally, since for this we would have to access the source code of WhatsApp itself and this would be hacking or breaking its barriers; what we can do is remove or place the message that tells us if said code has changed, of course if it bothers us or, on the contrary, we want to be aware of our privacy.

To do this we go to the application settings and there we go to the “Account” option, inside we go to “Security” and right there we can give the application permission if we notify us of the security code change messages. As additional information, from this same section of the settings, we can also make some changes to hide WhatsApp notifications, not only from the security code itself, but from messages, chats, and others.