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What to do if Notion is not Working Correctly? – Solution to Common Problems

26 de April de 2022

Notion is one of the best tools to manage activities. However, it is very common for an application that we use on a regular basis to present a fault at some point. Which often tend to be configuration errors in the application or on your device, among others.

Why am I offline only on Notion?

Although Notion works offline, many times users experience problems when trying to connect to the internet. The reason the app shows offline is that the pages have not been preloaded. If this happens, the user will not be able to access them. Also, doing an offline update doesn’t always sync.

Another problem that regularly occurs is when using the offline mode, then it becomes a complicated task to access the internet. To solve this problem, you canupdate the app. In case you don’t find solutions, you also have the option to delete your Notion account.

How to delete my Notion account forever?

  1. Open the Notion app on your device, and sign in to your account.
  2. Go to the top left menu, click on “Settings & Members”, (Settings and members).
  3. Select the “My account” option (My account).
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and you should press “Delete my account”.
  5. You will then need to type in your email address, and then click on “Permanently delete account”.

What other problems can Notion have and how to fix them?

The platform app, like many applications, presents various problems, some of them can be very simple to solve. While others require you to complete a series of steps. Among the most common drawbacks are that Notion crashes or won’t load, connection problems, the app loads very slowly, as well as others. Each fault can stem from a problem with your device or with Notion.

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notion crashes

Although it is the responsibility of the developer avoid Notion failures, it is not always because the application is badly programmed. The app works smoothly in combination with the operating system. So if Notion crashes, it may be due to iOS OS or Android OS depending on your device. It is common for this to cause crashes in some applications.

To fix this problem, it is always best to install a better version of your computer’s operating system. But you need to do some procedures to complete this action.

  1. Install the latest version of iOS or Android
  2. Check for updates to the Notion app.
  3. Reboot your device completely.
  4. Then uninstall and reinstall Notion.

Check Internet connection

One of the reasons why Notion cannot load is due to your own Internet connection. Sometimes the users have connection failures in the application, even when your computer is on a Wi-Fi network. This is because your internet connection is unstable. If this happens, the app cannot be updated, so no action is allowed. To solve this problem, you must check your device’s internet connection.

Update the app

Sometimes the app can have problems because they can’t find all the necessary updates. To fix this, go to your phone’s app store, locate the Notion app, and click update. If one does not work, you will have to install it.

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Reset Device

Sometimes after doing updates on a computer, it may happen that the connection to the app store data no longer works securely. Therefore, it is always recommended to restart your phone or tablet, and wait for the configuration to complete, so that the connections with the app store are reestablished.

Reinstall the app

In case you couldn’t update the app, you must uninstall and then reinstall it again. This process may be different for each type of device. On iPhone, you’ll need to hold down any icon until it starts to move and drag to the ‘x’ next to Notion. On Android, you will need to open “Settings” and then select the “Applications” option and the Notion app.