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What is the Zoom App and what is it for?

18 de May de 2021

In recent weeks we have heard, like never before, talk about the App called Zoom, so, you may wonder What is the Zoom App and what is it for?

Categorically, we could affirm that the hasty boom that this App has had in 2020 is due, to a large extent, to the mandatory social confinement that has been implemented worldwide.

The fact that many people are at home and seek to communicate from there in the most comfortable and effective way possible has popularized this valuable communication tool. web communication.

Zoom is so notorious that it is being used by almost all social ranks, from politicians for press conferences and businessmen to manage, to friends to talk to each other.

To this we add, the great need that a good part of the population feels to continue providing, in some way, their services and with this generate income, so necessary today.

All this global situation, generated by the pandemic, has achieved, if you will, something positive, and that is that there is a digital transformation and even in the mentality of many companies.

Following this thread, we notice that new online businesses emerge every day, there are more people working comfortably from home and there are more balance between professional and family life.

Due to all this, solid platforms are needed that allow good and effective communication so that the commercial system does not collapse but rather that it floats and thrives.

However, there are still people who do not know what this App is about and how they can get the most out of it, then we will give you a simple explanation.

What is Zoom App

The Zoom Video Communications web app is basically a video conferencing tool; This tool, among other things, has a very easy-to-use platform because it is easy to use. It is very easy to download or download the Zoom video calling app.

Among the virtues of this program stand out that it brings together the videoconferences In addition, in the cloud, it unifies meetings in simple lines and allows group messaging.

Fortunately, the Zoom App provides its millions of users with the best wireless audio, video and display experience, and best of all, Zoom is downloadable to computer or pc, windows or mac. being compatible even with iOS, Android, Blackberry, Zoom rooms, among others.

We emphasize that we can not only use this tool for video calls but it also allows us to write messages at the same time and share files with other users.

In addition to offering a simple handling, we do not need to join a new social network to use it, we can register using our Gmail email or with an account of Facebook.

What is Zoom for

Conference People with PC Zoom
Zoom App It has very diverse uses, if not infinite, since it is a very versatile, easy-to-use tool that adapts to the needs of the modern world, since it even allows you to join a meeting from the PC easily.

To begin with, this communication tool allows its users to hold virtual meetings of up to 100 simultaneous participants, making it the number one App among its competitors.

It should be noted that Zoom was specially designed to be used in the corporate field, being especially useful in this area as it allows the meeting of common agreement between employees and employer.

However, since it became imperative to be in isolation, this App has been downloaded by thousands of people who only want to communicate with their loved ones.

Another feature that makes the Zoom tool attractive is that users can use fun backgrounds and filters for your meetings video with friends or family.

In addition, as a plus, with this App it is possible to schedule and start executive meetings using some of the most popular calendars and known as Gmail Calendar, Outlook or iCal.

One of the things that has allowed the use of this App to become so widespread is that, although it is a powerful tool, it is small and compact, hardly weighs 16MB.

In addition to this, Zoom manages to easily integrate with other popular resources such as Skype and Slack, which makes it a very friendly, adaptable and easy to use tool.