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What is the most sold in Mercado Libre? – Star products of Mercado Libre

28 de April de 2021

Once you learn how to publish in Mercado Libre for the first time for free, it’s time to get to know what is sold the most in Mercado Libre – Mercado Libre’s star productsThen we will tell you a little about this.

Star products and Mercado Libre trends

You may use this space to find out the best-selling products in order to find feasible businesses. If so, you should also know the levels in Mercado Libre, essential for sellers.

Either way, regardless of whether you intend to invest or simply go to this space out of curiosity, the first thing is analyze trends by nations. For this we will focus on Colombia, Mexico and Argentina.

Trends, the most sought after in Mercado Libre Colombia

In Colombia we see very varied trends when analyzing the top five most wanted products. Let’s take a closer look at the most recurring searches of Mercado Libre Colombia.

  • Motor: It is a fairly general search, but it usually refers to maintenance and manual work.
  • Cbf 150 Honda: This search specifically refers to a relatively famous motorcycle model in Colombia.
  • Cattle farm: In Mercado Libre it is also possible to sell properties and land. As we can see, farms and farmlands are a trend in Colombia.
  • PS4: The world of videogames could not be absent, with the PlayStation 4 being the most famous video game console in this country.
  • Baby Vasenilla: Curiously, these containers designed for babies / young children to relieve themselves are a trend in Colombia.

best-selling products free market

Trends, the most sought after in Mercado Libre Argentina

The trends in Argentina are completely different from those we find in Colombia. Let’s analyze what is sold the most in this South American country:

  • Car decal: There seems to be a trend to decorate vehicles in Argentina, as decals or stickers for cars are in the first place of searches in Mercado Libre.
  • Pedicure kit: kits for beautification are also in trend in Argentina.
  • Babolat paddle paddle: strangely, badminton / tennis paddles / rackets rank among the most common searches in Argentina.
  • Stanley primer plug: Knowing the Argentine tradition regarding mate, this search is not very surprising.
  • Mini notebook: finally we see technology reflected in searches, with mini laptops being the common protagonists.

Trends, the most sought after in Mercado Libre México

As with previous nations, the trends of what Mexicans are looking for is something very interesting and varied.

  • 10 kg dumbbells: the dumbbells or weights are positioned in the first place of the searches in Mexico.
  • Soccer jersey: T-shirts, also known as Jersey in some nations, are one of the most sought-after products in Mexico. In this case it refers specifically to sports shirts.
  • Melanin: a somewhat strange search, although it does not refer to the pigmentation of the skin. In this case, we find construction sheets / sheets (MDF).
  • Nissan Urvan: In some countries Mercado Libre also sells vehicles, in this case in Mexico the most popular vehicle is the Nissan Urvan van.
  • Garden chairs: In the fifth position of the searches in Mexico we found the garden chairs.

trends countries most sold free market

Now that you know what is sold the most in different nations, it is important to know how to withdraw money in Mercado Libre or any other information that is useful to you.

So what is the thing that sells the most in Mercado Libre?

As you may have noticed after an analysis of the three previous nations, trends vary from nation to nation. In any case, we can draw a conclusion from everything shown before.

In the first place, it will be necessary to know the environment in which we operate, the nation being more specific, but also there are variations depending on your state or city. Either way, analyzing the trends of a specific nation can help you find those products that are sold the most in Mercado Libre.

While some do not represent top searches, laptops, motorcycles and cell phones They position themselves very well in terms of the best-selling products on the Mercado Libre platform. On the other hand, let us bear in mind that trends are constantly changing.

Anyway, don’t just stay with Mercado Libre, know the other pages like Mercado Libre where you can also sell.