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What is the Meaning of WhatsApp Emojis, Emoticons and Smilies?

18 de June de 2021

Currently it is estimated that at least 20% of the messages we send contains at least one emoticon or emoji in its content. These have become a very fun and practical way to express our emotions or describe an action or activity that we are doing.

The creators of communication applications have been in charge of integrating more and more of these to their applications which makes its use even more tempting. In this article we will teach you how to differentiate between emojis, emoticons and faces and how to integrate them into your texts.

What is the meaning of WhatsApp emojis, emoticons and faces?

Within the active WhatsApp community each emoji has a meaning or represents something. Although some are quite obvious, others simply acquire a meaning according to the text or to the accompanying image.

WhatsApp app updates have taken care of add emojis that perfectly describe the majority of feelings that we may suffer or common situations that we may be going through.

One of the examples of emojis that we can find in the WhatsApp application are the personalized emojis of faces that have hearts instead of having eyes that clearly reflect the feeling of love, another is the emoji of a boy on a bicycle that describes a man doing this activity.

The purpose of these emojis is to perfectly convey feelings and situations as graphically as possible so that in this way we can communicate in the most expressive way possible, and allows us to show emotions, activities and objects more similar to reality to complement our messages and give them more emotion and intensity.

How to send emojis, emoticons and faces through WhatsApp?

When installing the WhatsApp application on our PC, on our smartphones or tablets, it comes with a pack of emojis and faces included. Of which we can make use in a conversation with any of our added contacts that also have this WhatsApp Messenger application installed.

It is easy to locate all the emojis and faces that are available in all versions of the WhatsApp application, for that we only have to enter the application, go to the chat of the person with whom we want to share the emojis or faces, unfold the device keyboard, locate the icon of the face that refers to the emojis, then from here we can choose the one we want to send.

The emojis and faces are grouped by a specific classification, there are the emojis of people or objects that we normally use, next to it are those of animals and nature, here are the emojis of a great variety of animals and flowers of various types, then follows the food and food emoji group, here we find a great variety of fruits and foods that we commonly eat.

girl holds emoticon

There is also the group of sports emojis, physical activities and objects that are usually used in them, such as balls, tennis rackets, among others. There is also the group of car emojis and two more categories that can be said to be random emojis, and finally the group of country flags.

What is the difference between emojis and emoticons?

These figures, or representations of them, are usually used to express a state of mind, a situation, objects, among others. They all have the same purpose and it is to replace the words and make our texts more fun. Certainly although we think that these are the same, there are differences between them.

The difference between these is how they look and how they are made. We can do emoticons perform from the union of different symbols that we find in our basic keyboard so that they look like the expression of a face representing an emotion or something, such as “: O” that simulates a surprised face or “<3" that looks like a horizontal heart.

Instead emojis are more realistic and they are made on the basis of other programs and are usually included in some of the applications for messages such as WhatsApp; And of course you can use them in all your social networks to improve interaction.