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What is the Best Free Physics Problem Solving Program in Spanish?

28 de June de 2021

Since the internet is around, it has become a great support for all students and some businessmen, who no longer need to consult old encyclopedias or go to distant libraries to carry out their school homework.

Having pages that talk about history, geography and natural sciences, the elaboration of concept maps, professional presentations or any activity became a much easier task. However, there was a problem: Physics and mathematics.

Both subjects, practical with nature, did not enjoy the same fate, because, despite the fact that there were sites that explained certain concepts theories and laws, there was no way to check the results.

In fact, solve guides math or physics it became very arduous work, since there was no way to perform the exercises with any application. However, those days are behind us as many programs have come out, created with the purpose of solving all kinds of physics and mathematics problems.

You don’t have to worry about solving those complex guides again. physics exercisesIn the following article we will tell you which are the best programs to solve these problems, easily and completely free of charge.

Applications to solve physics problems

To make things easier for the students, several mobile applications came out so that they can always have it at their fingertips on their smartphones. These apps cover common topics seen in high school and provide the ability to solve problems, in case you don’t know how to fix them.


This application was designed to solve physics problems on Android. It covers a host of topics, from uniform rectilinear motion, uniformly accelerated motion, to free fall and vertical throw.

Using this application is really simple. You just have to fill in the fields with the data you know and leave the unknowns blank and ready. You must calculate the result and in a matter of second you will have the answer.

In addition to this, the Fisicalc application offers you a lot of exercises so that you can practice, so that you prepare in the best way for the evaluations. In the same way it shows you each of the steps to follow in order to solve the exercise, so that you learn where you made the mistake, in case of error.

This application It is available in the Google Play Store and it is completely free, so it becomes a great alternative for students since you do not have to pay anything to solve physics problems. The only downside is that it is a bit limited in terms of themes.


This application will find quick solutions to physics problems thanks to its artificial intelligence. Best of all, it is capable of solve exercises through photographs.

It is a free application, but it has a paid version that offers step-by-step solutions for all available exercises and topics.

mobile with scanner

It has a manual with the main laws, values ​​in the tables, constants and formulas. The best of all is that it is in different languages ​​such as English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian among others, being a great option in many countries.

Online programs to solve physics programs

In case you do not have a smartphone, or you simply prefer to work from your computer, there are very good options to be able to solve all kinds of physical exercises. The most recommended programs are:


It is a software that has a wide list of exercises, not only in physics, but also in mathematics, geometry and statistics. Some of the applets you will get are from Brownian motion, dynamics, and electricity.

It also has interactive aplets of the book Teaching Physics through Simulations. Among the various topics we can find vector calculus, kinematics, thermodynamics, electricity, fluid dynamics and systems

Wolfram Alpha

One of the most important physics troubleshooting programs. It is very comprehensive and covers both physics and mathematics. Enough with enter the formula or equation and the program will take care of solving the exercise in a few seconds.

Perhaps the only downside is that it is in English and the formulas need to be entered according to the Wolfram Alpha criteria, but it is certainly worth a try.