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What is Notion used for and how can I use it to organize myself better?

19 de April de 2022

Notion is an application that is used to organize activities, which can be adapted to the needs according to the occupation that the user performs. Is a task manager that we can download for computer or on a mobile device. Although it is not in the Spanish language, it is very easy to use, since it is very intuitive, so many users can use it in a very simple way.

What sets Notion apart from other organizers and why use it?

There are many tools to manage tasks, but the most popular are Trello or Google tablets, and Notion. Each of them has its own working mechanism that makes it unique. Although they may have similar functions in Notion, we can use tools that will allow us to design a workplace that suits our needs.

Pages are made up of blocks of text, bullet points, numbering, or insert elements like icons or images. The user can create pages within others according to activities or tasks that you want to organize. Also, it should be noted that although Notion is not available in Spanish, it is very easy to use.

How to use Notion step by step to create projects and organize?

The first step is to download Notion on your computer or mobile device. Then you will have to follow the installation process indicated by the application. Once the previous step is completed, you must proceed to open an account according to the type of subscription you want to have. Then you can start using all the features and tools to create your own workspaceyou just have to follow the following steps.

  1. When you login to Notion, you will be able to design a template from scratch or you can select some of the templates that the platform offers.
  2. To add a new page, click on “Add a page” from the main menu.
  3. Then you will need to add a title to the page.
  4. To insert sub pages, click on the + icon, which is located next to the name of your main page.
  5. Place a cover, you can choose among those available on the platform or you can also upload an image from the computer.
  6. Write a comment at the bottom of the title, this will help you define the content of your workspace.
  7. To add blocks we must click on the area where we want to place and place the bar, this will generate various types of components that can be incorporated.
  8. To execute an action on a block, you’ll need to click the 6-dot icon next to it.
  9. Choose one of the components displayed in the list of options.
  10. Among the available options you will be able to select one of the basic blocks, either Text (text), Page (page), To-do list (list of tasks), which will allow you to design your main database.
  11. Also to add other options like Heading 1 (heading 1), Bulleted list (list with bullets), Heading 2 (heading 2), Numbered list (numbered list).
  12. When we need to append very long information, we can use Toggle lists, since they work like dropdown lists.
  13. If we want to add short phrases we can use Quote, and the option Divider, it is very useful to divide the blocks.
  14. Last but not least, we can use Link to page, which allows us to add links from one page to another, in our space.

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Is Notion really good compared to other organizers?

most of task managers have multiple tools that improve the user experience. Although these platforms offer free plans, they are usually limited in tools. So it is always better to pay a fee each month in order to access all services.

One of the advantages of Notion is that it offers plans at a lower price than other platforms, such as the Trello application, in which you need to have a monthly subscription with a basic plan at $5, or premium at $10. Meanwhile in Notion the prices are lower to get a Pro account, you only need to pay $4 each month.

Although in Trello we can find many tools that are very practical when create our workspace, its interface tends to be a bit complex, so many users choose to learn features before starting to have their task boards. But in Notion you won’t need to understand how it works to start managing your tasks, since its interface is very easy to use.