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What is Marbella Vice? The New Series of GTA 5 by Ibai Llanos

7 de June de 2021

The world of video games has been expanding much faster than it seems. Well, many people no longer just play these video games in order to entertain themselves. Rather, they play it for the purpose of making a lucrative profit.

In this way, many people have started in the world of social networks and they have become influencers, or in the language of video games, gamers.

One of the most popular gamer today is Ibai Llanos, this content creator, not only dedicated himself to broadcasting his private video game sessions. But works hand in hand with the growth of video games as a lucrative means.

This is how Ibai has worked as a narrator of virtual sporting events. In addition to this, it has been part of the elite of gamers worldwide, as a prominent figure. In the same way, he has produced and collaborated with the development of massive streaming events.

So one of these events was the creation of the Egoland server, and recently he was also involved in the creation of the Arkadia server. These events were attended by more than 100 celebrities from video games and was witnessed by millions of people virtually

In this article we are going to tell you about the most recent project by Ibai Llanos. That’s right, we will tell you What is Marbella Vice? The new GTA 5 series. Keep reading and know all the details.

What is Marbella Vice? The new GTA 5 series by Ibai Llanos

As we mentioned earlier, it is about the latest mass streaming project promoted by gamer content creator Ibai Llanos. Compared to his previous two projects of the same type. The current series is projected as having a greater reach for the public and where the largest number of elite gamers will participate.

Although, something we already know is that the server only allows a maximum of 150 players. However, as we already know from previous projects, Ibai will be one of these participants.

Therefore, we still It remains to confirm the remains of the participants. However, it was no secret to anyone that the elite of gamer content creators have their safe place on the Marbella Vice server.

The Marbella Vice series is about a server of the popular game Grand Theft Auto V o GTA V. On this server, administrators and moderators assign each of the participants a role. In this way, the dynamics is subject to a Roleplay. However, Ibai has confirmed, that this dynamic is not mandatory, and that the participants can act independently of their provided Role.

Until now, the expected date for the server to come online is Marbella Vice is April 4. From that day on, the different players will begin to transmit their experience within the server through different social networks.

So write the date on your calendar so you don’t miss a single second of this incredible event within the gamer community.

game gta v

Why play Grand Theft Auto V?

The game has been around for almost eight years since it was released September 2013. And yet it is not difficult to find someone who still plays it. Not for nothing has it become the second most played pay game in history.

In this sense, many of us already know GTA video game series. Its characteristic violence and gigantic game maps make the game an enjoyment that does not age. This may have been more remarkable with the Grand Theft Auto V. As time progressed, the game was adapted to new platforms and consoles to remain among the modern public.

Also, you can play GTA V online for a better in-game experience. However, if you want to play it on a pc, you must download and install GTA V on your computer. Well the game does not have a completely online format. So having it installed becomes a requirement.

Finally, the developers of this GTA installment have not yet given a date for the next step. However, with events like Marbella Vice, we can see that the game still has many players. And maybe the time for a next installment of GTA will depend on them.