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What is Glovo Business and what can I send through Glovo?

9 de July de 2021

Glovo is an interesting delivery company that little by little has gained a space both in Spain and in other countries. This is partly due to its constant improvements, such as the so-called Glovo Business service. That is why today we will talk to you about What is Glovo Business and what can I send through Glovo?

What is Glovo?

Have you ever wondered what Glovo is, what does it offer and how does it work? Glovo is a company of Spanish origin that was born in 2014 and since then it has become popular to the point of being one of the most prosperous companies in its field.

Glovo is in charge of the delivery of addresses, the reception and the parcel shipping and different merchandise, for this it uses delivery men, people who can easily enter the system and obtain a job opportunity.

The company’s delivery people are classified as self-employed, which is why starting to work for Glovo is not a complicated process, being an optional for all those who are looking for a job.

Undoubtedly, the company has known how to evolve over time, providing new modalities that have improved and extended the possibilities of service provided. Among these new modalities we have Glovo Business.

What is Glovo Business and what can I send through Glovo?

Business is the new modality of the Glovo company that seeks to offer a service that is beneficial for both companies and workers. This new proposal has worked very well since it was announced in 2018, revolutionizing the system of urgent shipments.

What is Glovo Business?

Glovo Business is the new proposal of the company, for all those urgent shipments, this service is designed specifically for companies that require the realization of deliveries as soon as possible.

Glovo Business promises to review shipments in a period of 30 minutes or less, making it a great option in the event that you need to make shipments as soon as possible. Something especially useful for food and grocery businesses.

What are the benefits of Business?

Glovo Business will allow solving problems with shipments as soon as possible, which provides business opportunities for companies allied with the company. This ensures to offer a high quality service by the companies that use this new modality of Glovo.

Similarly, it favors delivery men who must reserve hours at Glovo. In this sense, the doors are open to more jobs, since regardless of the time there will always be a shipment to make. Therefore, the delivery person, Glovo and the company that hires this modality benefit.

Glovo Food

What can be sent through Glovo Business?

Glovo is a company known for its constant search for improvement, in the same way the service enjoys a good reputation, since there are not so many limitations in relation to the shipments that are made.

Due to its great popularity, most customers know what Glovo delivers and what to ask of the company. However, it is convenient to mention that when using the Business mode, it is possible to send food (groceries, market) fast food, and practically any other item, as long as the weight of the shipment does not exceed 9 kg and the dimensions 40 × 40 × 30 cm.

Certainly there are some logical limitations in relation to the shipments that Glovo makes through its Business mode, one of the most important being the shipment of pets, since at the moment the company is not responsible for this type of shipments.

Similarly, while the company has a broad spectrum in terms of what can be shipped, it is best if you contact them directly in case you have questions regarding a shipment.