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What is a .PDF Extension and what is it for? How is this type of File created and opened on a Mobile or PC?

12 de July de 2021

With the rise of the digital age, ways to create files and visualizing them changed enormously. However, one of the main drawbacks when sharing a file created on a specific operating system with a completely different system was that there was no possibility of opening them.

For which the file extension was developed .PDF, as a way to establish a certain level of compatibility between users of different platforms. Which also includes the various current devices.

So, so that you can access these benefits, we will show you what a .PDF extension is and what it is for. Also, you will learn how PDF files are created and opened from a mobile device or from a computer or PC.

What is a .PDF file extension and what is it for?

Currently it is easy to find files that have a certain type of extension, which is responsible for the how they are read and displayed the same on different platforms. Bearing this in mind, PDF extension files have been created with the aim of having a type of file that can be opened on any platform.

Basically, PDF owes its name to its acronym in English, as it means’ Portable Document Format ‘which translates to’Portable Format Document‘; name that honors the function of this type of file.

In this way, a file with the PDF extension is used to create documents of this type that can be shared between the different types of operating systems that exist, so that users who use different platforms could share content with each other, in a document format that would not be affected when opened in a different operating system than the one it was created for.

Therefore, the design characteristics originally provided by a .PDF file can only be changed by accessing the editing platform. intended for this type of file.

How do I create and open a .PDF file from a mobile phone?

One of the greatest advantages brought by the evolution of mobile devices are the different mobile applications that can be integrated into them. Well, currently it is possible to have an application that allows one or a series of specific actions to be carried out. So consequently, the best way to create and open a PDF file from a mobile it is through the applications.

So considering these files are independent of any type of operating systemIt is logical that you can open them from your cell phone without inconvenience. For this you only have to enter the corresponding application store according to the operating system you have.

read pdf on acrobat devices

Therefore, if you have an Android device, in the Google Play Store you can find the best applications to open files with the .PDF extension. In the same way as if you have an iOS system, you must access the Apple App Store. In addition, most of these have the option of create and edit PDF files.

How do I create and open a .PDF file from a PC?

PDF extension files are about of the most versatile that currently existSince when the Adobe company developed this format, I saw it as a way to share files between different operating systems without affecting the document.

Therefore, they also developed a program to create, edit and open PDF files, which is also compatible and available to be downloaded and installed in the different operating systems that exist.

This program has the name of ‘Adobe Reader PDF‘which most of the time is already integrated into most PCs, however, you can also download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader for free on any operating system.

Likewise, it is also possible to access other programs that allow open files in PDF format. However, most of these do not have a platform available for editing or creation. So Adobe Reader PDF is established as the best option to create and open PDF files without any inconvenience from your computer or PC.