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What Does the Little Padlock Want to Say on Telegram Chats? – Secret Chat

29 de December de 2021

The Telegram platform has constantly been making improvements in its application, since every day it has become one of the best instant messaging applications for its security policies that are better than other Apps. In addition, this application offers total privacy on the information of its users so that third parties do not obtain any type of information.

On the other hand, one of the most recent functions designed by Telegram is that of a padlock that appears next to the name of your contact in a conversation. This happens when converts a normal conversation to a secret conversation that not even the Telegram cloud will be able to register what is said or sent in said conversation. So keep reading this article and you will know everything about this new function.

The most recent updates to Telegram have allowed users who use it to have much more confidence in terms of their security in messages sent through this means of instant messaging. Now if you have noticed the new chat mode where a padlock appears next to the name of the contact in Telegram, then this means that the conversation is totally secret and that nobody will be able to see what you send in that private chat.

In other words, the conversations of the secret chats cannot be seen by the Telegram servers and will not be uploaded to the cloud of this App. Furthermore, every time a letter or word is written and it is read by the sender, it will be deleted automatically. Which guarantees safely that no one else will be able to read what was written in the chat and that they will not have advice to it either.

Besides, this new function has a very secure encryption and difficult to decipher for those people who try to enter the secret conversation. This encryption it is known as end-to-end, which means that only the sender and receiver will be able to see and read the messages. In addition, another advantage is that the messages that are sent in the secret chats cannot be forwarded to third parties and also when one of the two users deletes a message, it will disappear in the two chats.

What are the steps to follow to create a secret chat on Telegram?

If you wish create a secret chat where only you and the person you want to have a conversation with are the only ones to know what the conversation is about, then you will have to follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the Telegram application.
  2. Select on the pencil to find and start the conversation with the person you want.
  3. Once the contact is found, you must enter it and select in the information of the same where the phone number and others will appear.
  4. Now select on the three dots that appear in the upper right.
  5. Select the option “Start secret chat” and that’s it.

How to configure the self-destruct time of messages in a private chat?

One of the advantages of starting a secret chat is that you will have the option of being able to set the time you want for the messages to self-destruct, To enjoy this new option you will have to have the latest update that is available in Google Play and App Store. So you can program when a message is deleted from the secret chat and so that you can understand how to do it, you will have to follow a series of very simple steps and these are the following:

set a self destruct time

  1. Enter the secret conversation or secret chat.
  2. Select in the three points that are in the upper right part.
  3. Enter the option “Configure self-destruction”.
  4. Then a window will appear where you will have the different options for the time interval in which you want to choose to carry out the destruction and you must choose one.
  5. Once you have chosen the time, click on done.

What should you keep in mind after starting a secret chat with someone?

There are some things that you should take into account before starting a secret chat and one of them, as we have mentioned above, is that the conversation can only be seen by you and the contact with whom you have chosen to do this secret chat. Besides, neither of the two you can take a screenshot, the images and videos sent can only be viewed when the person will be there, and other things.

The conversation will only be seen on the startup device

One of the advantages of using secret chats is that it is encrypted in a very secure way and which means that only your mobile phone and that of the other person they will be able to have the key to decrypt and thus enter the conversation. In addition, the chats will only appear on the mobile where you have created it, which means that if you want to open Telegram on your PC, tablet or on another mobile, this chat will not appear on any of these devices and you will not receive any notification about a new one. message of this chat.

the chat will only appear on the mobile where it starts

What will happen to private chats when you log out?

Once the conversation is closed and you no longer have anything to talk about in the chat, you will have the option to delete the chat and by this means that there is no data in this chat will be charged to the Telegram cloud as a backup.

How is a protected conversation on Telegram deleted for both participants?

learn how to delete secret chat on both devices

The way to delete a secret chat is very simple to do, it is the same as when deleting a normal chat. What you must do is very easy and is to enter the chat, after entering the chat you must enter the three points that are at the top and then select the option “Delete chat”, then select in the box that says “Delete also for” and then on “Delete chat”.