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What Does It Mean When a Person Puts ‘Link in Bio’ on Instagram? – Self-promotion

22 de March de 2022

Instagram is one of the most used social networks and is currently in the top three of the most popular social networks. Something common that can be found in this social network is that instead of placing the links directly in the publications. Links are found in user profiles and there is an important reason for it.

All Instagram users share links on their profiles rather than in the post itself and leave a message indicating looking for the link in their bios, this is primarily intended to move the audience to another site.

The way in which Instagram allows you to share profiles of other users is through tags. If you use this method, the platform allows users to share profiles without the need to use links. So the links in the bio have other purposes.

Redirect to another page

Instagram is a social network used by a large number of companies and influencers. So it is normal that they use the platform to redirect their followers to their stores, YouTube channels, web pages, etc. It would be much more effective if these links were found in the posts; However, there’s a reason no one does.

Instagram prevents putting links in posts

The Instagram Platform does not allow links in your posts. If you want to redirect the followers of an account to a place outside the social network, it is only possible through the biography.

This is why there are no links in the posts of an account and instead they redirect to the profile bio. Due to this limitation, you must have a clear strategy regarding which links to share.

What does ‘link in my bio’ mean when used in Instagram stories?

When a user write in a post ‘link in my bio’, ‘link in bio’ or something similar. It asks you to visit their profile and look for the link in their bio, as it is not possible for this user to add it to their post.

How to use the ‘link in my bio’ on Instagram?

The reality is that doing this is extremely simple, as Instagram does not place any restrictions on inviting users to visit links on a profile. There is no risk of being penalized for leaving links on a profile and inviting users to enter them. You must bear in mind that the linked content must respect the rules of Instagram.

The most important link for a business is ‘website’. So it is essential for those with websites to know how to include them in the biography. However, this is not the only link that you can take advantage of. After all, putting links on a profile is basically a way to get traffic, mainly useful for marketing as in the following cases.

Promote a product on a page

When a store is going to launch a new product, it needs to get a lot of traffic to find potential buyers. Just making one post (or more depending on the marketing strategy for the product) is enough. You can invite all viewers to visit the profile to look for the link in the bio and wait for the traffic to reach the page.

Redirect my followers to my other social networks

For influencers or companies, redirect traffic to the rest of your social networks it is something essential. It is an unwritten rule that the Instagram profiles contain all the links to the rest of the platforms of the influencers or brands. This is one of the most used ways for the follower to be in contact with those responsible from the platform of their choice.

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In summary, Instagram users share links in their biosmainly because Instagram does not allow sharing links in posts.

So using the ‘link in bio’ is the only alternative to share external links on Instagram. Other Meta platforms such as Facebook, yes allow links and since both are linked, you can add Instagram links to Facebook.