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What does Glovo distribute? What can I or can I order at Glovo?

28 de April de 2021

Have you ever wondered what Glovo is, what does it offer and how does it work? Glovo is a very useful company to make purchases of various characteristics, but if you want to know What does Glovo distribute? What can I or can I order at Glovo? We recommend reading the following guide to know the answer to these questions.

What does Glovo distribute? What can I or can I order at Glovo?

About what Glovo distributes and what can be requested, it is important that customers know that this company provides many services. You can even contact and claim Glovo when the service fails to meet your expectations. Regarding the services of this company, it is necessary to catalog each of the options provided by Glovo, the following being the most relevant.

Glovo distributes market

Market can be ordered from Glovo. In this sense, one of the most useful aspects of this company is that you can do the purchases of the week Using their services, that is, you can buy the market and food that you will need for the following days.

Glovo distributes to the house the products from the supermarket or store favorite. In this way, customers will always have the possibility of making all their purchases without even leaving their homes within reach of their mobile.

What can I order at Glovo?

Glovo also distributes lunches and other meals

One of the aspects that makes Glovo quite well known is its food delivery, Through which you can order your favorite food from your favorite restaurant. Without a doubt it is an excellent option.

Through this option you can access numerous well-known restaurants and chains, such as Subway Y McDonald’s. Which is why you can order any dish from these important companies that Glovo later distributes. Similarly, Glovo has access to many restaurants, just enter the application to analyze all these options.

Breakfasts and snacks

As with the strongest meals, you can order multiple at Glovo snacks, breakfasts and desserts from the app. It is important to note that these options are only available for a limited time throughout the day. However, if you cannot get this service with Glovo, find out what other companies like Glovo bring food.

Understanding the above, in the event that require a breakfast or snackYou can count on the Glovo app as throughout the day it will provide different delicious options in case you are hungry.

Distribution services

What other things does Glovo distribute?

In addition to the above, it should be noted that you can ask Glovo for very diverse services that do not only cover the market and food. As you can see below, with the Glovo application you buy practically anything.


Getting sick from time to time is a natural part of life, something that happens to all of us and unfortunately in these situations, getting out is not an option. Given this, Glovo offers the option of shopping in pharmacies, something designed precisely for times when one of those temporary illnesses affects us.

Given this, you can hire the services of the Glovo app, to buy items to improve your health. In the same way, you can also make other purchases related to pharmacies, such as vitamins, diet foods, hygiene items and skin care, among others.


Glovo also provides access to various stores, from toy stores, to technology stores, for this reason you can buy the product that you want so much without leaving your home. You will find all this through the application provided by the company.

It is the ideal solution in the event that you have seen a product days before and cannot go to the store to buy. In any case, it is important that you verify that the store of said product works with Glovo.

It should be noted that all the previous options will depend on where you are, Glovo works in more than 20 countries in the world, therefore, to verify the availability of services, it is necessary to indicate your location.