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What Delivery Applications Have McDonalds Service?

27 de April de 2022

McDonald’s also enters the food delivery. The fast food network has been linked to the system of delivering its products to the home of its consumers. Through the digital app, users will be able to request any of the McDonald’s meals without it being essential to execute a minimum order. The service is usable during the usual hours of each restaurant. Therefore, in this statement we will show you the delivery apps that provide service from this great franchise.

How to place an order at McDonalds at home from an application?

To use this service, users must download the Mc Orders app on their mobile device, you will find it Available for both Android and iOS systems. Once you have chosen the product to request, you must select the place to take or drink and finally the time to pick it up. The restaurant is also linked to various platforms, including Glovo. In which sometimes the system can have drawbacks such as not allowing you order McDonald’s.

This franchise has set up private fast-pickup areas in the restaurant, both at McAuto and at the box office. The system allows you to execute orders in less than a minute. In addition, the app enables food personalizationsuch as removing ingredients, adding them and modifying the order to the customer’s tastes, and providing unique promotions for consumers.

To find out which McDonald’s establishments in your area provide home delivery service, we recommend Download the Uber Eats app. Then, enter your address and you will see a list of existing restaurants in your area (making sure that McDelivery with Uber Eats is operational in your area). Next, we will show you other platforms to order McDonald’s products at home:


The fast food network system is the favorite of Glovo consumers. That is why it is associated with one of the largest in the market such as McDonalds. You can make orders from Glovo about McDonald’s food very easily, you just need to follow the following instructions:

Download the app. If you are new to using this type of platform, the first thing you should do is download the application from any official store. You will find Glovo in both the Play Store and the App Store, but make sure it is operational in your country.

fast food ordering app

Enter Glovo on your cell phone. Once the app is installed, open it and log in to the system. You can do it with a Google account, Facebook or your e-mail. Another option is to be able to enter from your computer, it allows you to register from its official site, to do this, enter from the browser of your choice.

Put your location. Enable the GPS item to set your location in the app. This step is necessary to define which McDonald’s associate with Glovo are operating in your city. Locate the restaurant within Glovo. Choose the food section to locate the closest McDonalds store to your current location.

Note: It is important to know that you can choose between picking up or sending a meal and using an order. This means that you do not need to execute the order for yourself, since it can be an excellent gift for a family member or friend.

Use a coupon. Many of these fast food networks enable coupons with ephemeral promotions when making a purchase that is used as home delivery to Glovo. Go to Glovo Magazine and locate the best discounts of the time.

drinks food mcdonalds

Just Eat

First, download the Just Eat app on your mobile device or log in from its official site. Now, scroll to the ‘Localities’ element, then click on Chains and finally select McDonald’s. Next, you’ll need to enter your address to locate the closest McDonald’s to you. There, you must choose what you want to consume and click on the option to pay and continue with the instructions provided by Just Eat.

McDonald’s App

To make a request in the McDonalds App through home delivery, you must execute the following procedure:

  1. First, download the App, then you register and enter it. If you want to know their news, access MyMcDonald’sfrom there, you will see a variety of offers to fascinating prizes.
  2. Next, you would spend your order at your nearest McDonald’s.
  3. Collect points with all your requests. All your orders increase ‘Points’ and are automatically renewed in the App. You must remember that on the platform €1 is equivalent to 10 points.
  4. Change your points and enjoy incredible prizes. When you contain enough points, the prizes will be activated involuntarily in your App and you only have to change them in the store.

How much commission does McDonalds charge for home delivery?

Commissions for orders placed through the McDonald’s platform may vary depending on the location where you are located. But your shipping costs are around 1.90 euros.

Can you order takeout at McDonalds?

The main hamburger sales networks usually have a quick pick-up service in some of their establishments, in which the user does not need to get out of their vehicle.

At McDonald’s they apply this system and it is known as McAuto. This action is possible in any establishment of these franchiseswhere the employees, instead of serving you the food inside the premises, the order is delivered outside of it to be consumed.

person using app


With this service, the fast food franchise adjusted to the new requirements that arose from covid-19. This new system is operational in all its McDonald’s restaurants that provide self-service, where its users can enjoy their menus with protection, within the perimeter of the premises. This is how customers can enjoy McAuto service:

  • First, the consumer park your vehicle in the parking lot.
  • Then a McDonald’s worker reaches into your cell phone and takes your order.
  • In a few minutes you will bring your favorite McMenu to enjoy without leaving the car.