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What are the Best Multifunctional Printers for College Students?

12 de June de 2021

Being a university student implies having numerous responsibilities and chores within the day to day. Wanting to acquire new levels of increasingly advanced studies requires a lot of sacrifice and effort, both mental and physical.

In order to have a university degree, it is necessary to comply with all the activities assigned to us by the professors. When many times these are just about printing educational material or carrying out some projects that require the use of computers or printers.

This is very common in most educational institutions, and it can become tedious and very expensive by not having the necessary equipment for this, such as computers, printers, among others.

It can also become very easy if we have the necessary artifacts. And to choose the appropriate ones we must take into account the type of career that we are going to study. Well, each one has different requirements.

What is a multifunction printer?

These printers are able to meet some needs of your studies or your work for what you previously needed to use different machines and different time schedules, these printers have the ability to do everything just by programming them.

There are numerous brands that offer you a number of multifunctional printer equipment. Depending on the model and brand you choose, it may have the ability to send and receive faxes, scan, print, have several paper trays, photographic software, among others. Do you have different options to choose from that facilitate your work and meet your requirements.

The launch of these equipment to the market, in a certain way made life easier, not only to university students, but to the entire work area that requires printing on some type of paper, which in general, there are almost all of them. With a team like this, by fulfilling multiple functions it speeds up time, we can even configure our Android to send to print with just one application.

What are the best multifunctional printers for college students?

To choose the printer that best suits our life at university, it is necessary to be clear about the requirements of the career we decide to study. For example, there are many types of multifunctional printers, but only two different ways to apply ink. Some work with inkjet and others with laser printing.

Laser printers are more effective at printing documents like spreadsheets, and inkjet or toner printers are more efficient at printing images, photos, documents that require color.

Regarding the cost of these two types of printers, the laser printer and the ink cartridge or toner printer, the laser is generally more expensive, but in terms of its use it is cheaper than toner printers, this because refilling a toner is more expensive than an injection of ink to recharge the laser printer.

So we must consider this when choosing any of these. Buy a laser printer it is an investment in the future.

Advantages and disadvantages of multifunctional printers

If we talk about the advantages of these teams we can get that the main one and perhaps one of the reasons why many people decide to use them, is that it reduces energy consumption. Well, what you used to do with different machines, now you do it with just one. The same goes for its maintenance.

happy college student prints his works on multifunction printer

If you previously cared about the maintenance of a printer machine and another copier machine, now it is reduced to a single maintenance of a single machine that gives you all those functions. Apart from saving energy, and saving expenses in the future, you can also save space, since they are not usually very large.

Among the disadvantages we can find that being a machine that fulfills different functions, it may not all have the same quality and speed that those that are made specifically for a function, for example those that only scan any type of document without any program are usually faster than multifunctional printers.

We must also have constant maintenance, since if something is damaged, this causes us problems with all functions, which would not happen when having several machines used to different functions each.