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Radar Covid: What is it, how does it work and what to do to use it on Android or iPhone

28 de December de 2021

One of the events that has most impacted the world and that continues to do so even today, is the emergence of the coronavirus virus or also known as COVID-19. This is a phenomenon that has continually been pronounced and it is that the truth is a virus that has taken thousands and millions of lives in different countries. For this reason, the need to be able to keep track of each of the cases that is pronounced on this virus daily was born.

Likewise, to keep track of cases, Spain has designed an application called “Radar COVID”, which allows the population to register and disclose if they present any symptoms regarding this disease, apart from detecting if the people around you are infected by this virus. On the other hand, the operation of this application is very simple and, therefore, it is very easy to use.

What is the way in which the covid radar works as a mobile application?

The Radar COVID application is one of the Apps that have been created to help people to have a better control over the spread of this virus that has attacked the world. This App was designed by the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence in Spain, which is similar to other Apps that have been created by different countries such as Italy, Germany and others.

Likewise, this is a mobile application that will allow people in the country to download it and have it on their cell phone with which they can carry it as such. a record of the people you come across, which is known as contact tracing. In addition, the application does an analysis of the people you come across as long as they have their mobile device and that they also have the app downloaded where it will verify if those people could have infected you.

In addition, this application is very basic and easy to use, which means that it does not do the calculations alone, but has help for API part contact tracing which was created jointly by Google and Apple. Likewise, the API is a function that was added automatically in the different Android and iPhone system mobile phones, which allows the official applications of each country to easily track contacts.

However, this application uses the API so that it can help you calculate how many and which people you come across next, once this information has been calculated, the app provides you with information about the level of risk you are in. Likewise, to have this information the application will take into account the people with whom you have crossed and who have been at a distance of less than 2 meters and for a period of 15 minutesotherwise you will not be able to do the calculation.

Now, the way this application works is very simple and similar to the applications that have been designed to perform a tracking found on the Google Play and Apple platforms that work through a system that works with the direct connection with Bluetooth without using GPS although it is very functional.

Likewise, when the app is installed and the mobile is automatically active, it constantly generates a random key that change past 10 to 20 minutes that identifies the application when it is transmitted to nearby mobiles via Bluetooth.

However, when a person receives a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 and performs the registration in the App, at once the app will ask you for permission to send the information to the server that will record this data, which will be made known to other users who have the downloaded app.

Covid radar will work once the application is downloaded

How can you download the ‘Covid Radar’ application on your cell phone?

From the situation presented by the appearance of the Covid-19 virus, people began to generate constant stress and anxiety that made them have the need to know if they have this virus or not, why the idea of ​​creating a mobile application was took as an alternative to help with this situation. As for the Radar COVID App, you can download it on mobile phones through Google Play for Android and Apple for iPhones.

How to use Covid Radar to check the exposure range of a place?

The way to use this App is very simple and has been verified by different users who have already downloaded it through the Google Play platforms for Android and the App Store on iPhone, you only need to have it downloaded to start using it.

If you have the Android version

Once the App has been downloaded to your mobile phone, you will have to open it and accept the terms of use of the application, then activate the switch in the App that will be shown in a pop-up window so that you can confirm the activation by the system and thus be able to start tracking the contacts near you. For the moment that will be all you will have to do, what if you will have to follow the recommendations made by the creators of the application to avoid contagion of the virus.

With the iOS app

the application works on ios mobiles

The way to use it with the iOS application is the same as when downloading it on an Android phone, since it has the same functions in both the Android version and iOS on iPhone.