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Parts of the Word toolbar and how to use it on my PC or mobile

25 de July de 2022

In most programs and even in operating systems there are so-called standard Word toolbars. Well, even if you don’t believe it, it’s one of the most useful word toolsbut least appreciated of all. Since from them a great variety of options and functions are triggered that are necessary to take advantage of 100% of said program.

But as with most things, we don’t have a very broad understanding of this one. That is why today in see how it is done we will give you a brief, but complete explanation about the standard Word toolbar. Also, what functions and parts does it haveso that you can make use of it.

What is the Microsoft Word toolbar for?

In general, people are always wondering why this menu is so important. And it is one of the parts with the most focus, since all the Word tools are seen here. This dialog box contains all the information and tasks that we can apply to the sheet. All in order to carry out an adequate job with the different tabs using the mouse.

What does it contain and what is the function of this toolbar?

Well, this Word toolbar, has the information buttons and tabs used for all commands called standard. One of the companies that has used it the most is Microsoft. However, it is not the only one, there are different operating systems that also use this tool or dialog box.

This is usually Microsoft Word has a design flat until the point where our mouse is placed on one of the buttons. Taking this a more 3D aspect. Among the buttons, parts, menu, information, dialog box or options you have:


This is used to create a new blank document using a template as default. This way you get a “new file“, which could soon be editable.


This button tells us that from it it is possible to open any file that has already been created and use it within the software, in case this is compatible with this one.


This is one of the simplest to explain, it serves to secure the document or file that you are working on, in this way it will not be lost when you close the program. In case of being a new file, it will ask you locate the folder in which you want to save it, but if you only modified the existing file, when pressing the button this file will replace the previous one.


From this section of the toolbar you will be able to search for any file or document that is recent or that you need to find easily. Also if you want you can remove or disable search bar.

To print

This button has a printer icon, and is used to print directly said document without even being able to see a preview of it (at least before), because today it is possible to verify the entire document.

Cut, copy and paste

These three points are one of the most used, because from them, you will be able to cut or copy a text and paste it in a different place.

Although these functions can be done using the keyboard, this Word toolbar is to simplify everything related to it.

cut copy paste icons

undo and redo

Most of the programs have a list of the actions that we carry out in it, it is through them that it is possible undo any error that has occurred or redo something that we liked, this is a very useful function.


You can add or add a Zoom button to your bar, this option will will allow an increase of what is in the file, to be able to visualize much better, you can increase the view from 10% to 500%


This is one of the last options that this bar has, therefore, it is necessary to Get help for whatever reason. There are other buttons with different functions such as tables, drawing, and columns, but their use is not as prominent in most programs, with the aforementioned being the most used functions in these standard Word tools.

What is the Word toolbar

This is nothing more than a tool that is represented on our screen linearly, either horizontally or verticallywhich is found in most programs and operating systems, because from there it is possible to perform different functions.

This is widely used and also has different variants, which they can become more comfortable. This Word toolbar has been used since the first operating system was installed, it is a tool that has endured over time.

writing in word

What is the toolbar for?

This function is used to get access to programs already installed or applications available in our operating system. This facilitates the search process and in turn minimizes the range of error in the search. Similarly, it is a shortcut to check the running tasks instantly.

What are the parts of the Word menu and what function does each one have?

In the first instance it is composed of the quick launch bar. This allows access to all the tabs installed in the operating system in a simpler and more organized way. Then there are the icons to access applications such as Google, Mozilla Firefox and the music player of our choice.

From that window you can also cControl the apps you have open and running. In case your PC gets stuck, this may be the solution to close the programs and avoid it.

File, Archive

In this Toolbar you will be able to create a new blank document using a template as default. In this way you get a “new file”which could then be editable.


In this section you will have access to one of the most used tools in Word. Here you will find the option to create a new fileselect the type of font you want to work with, the font size, the alignment required on your sheet and options such as bold and underlined, which are usually the most prominent and common.

word program


here you can insert a series of useful elements for your work. Tables, covers, images, and even editions of the sheets as I leave the page and header. In addition to being able to divide the document into columns and sections according to your preference.


In this Word toolbar, you can configure document specifications. Elements that range from the background color of your sheet, the types of margins, the orientation of the document, and the organization of elements.


In this section you will get everything related to the layout of the text. Here you will find options such as setting page, paragraph and organize. In a definitive way, it is one of the essentials when giving the final touch of neatness to work.


Here, as the name suggests, you will get everything based on the text references. Author citations, index or footnotes. It is made up of elements such as: Table of contents, footnotes, research, citation and bibliography, indexes and title.

word sheet


Word Toolbar designed for creating letters and envelopes. It facilitates its design and provides its measurements. It is composed of the menu: Create, write and insert fields, results preview and finish.


Here you will find the options for improve the writing of a text. Options like: Review, Voice, Accessibility, Language, Comments, Tracking, Changes, Compare, Protect, and Ink.


From here you can find everything referred to the document interface. In this section Microsoft Word gives options of: view, immersive, page movement, show, zoom, screen, macros and SharePoint.


As its name indicates, here you will find a help via a search bar which corresponds to the program. And you can somehow or another clear any kind of doubt in one step.

moderate comments in wordpress

How to use the bar or menu in Word?

The way to use the Word toolbar is very easy. You can use both mouse and keyboard commands. However, with the mouse it is much easier, since you only go to the tasks and menu with it.

How to identify Word tools from the computer?

Microsoft Word on computers has a toolbar at the top of the screen. Here the menu and tasks that you can use and use in order to carry out the work will be displayed.

How to know which is the Word options bar from my mobile?

If you are one of those who use it on mobile, this Word Toolbar is in a different part. This will be in a tab in the lower left area.