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My Etsy Shop Isn’t Working Properly – Why Is It Happening and How to Fix It?

24 de April de 2022

Having a virtual business on Etsy is a very functional option to work from home. That way you can offer your handmade items to all your customers through your device. However, if your store has some problems, we will show you how to fix it in an easy and simple way.

Why isn’t Etsy working on my device?

The virtual company Etsy allows you to make purchases and sales from your mobile phone, in a similar way to that offered by Mercado Libre. For that reason, you need to make sure your equipment is compatible with the App.

Also, it is essential that you clear the cache of the applications and clean your device from any malicious programs. Since, all these circumstances influence that the Etsy App does not fulfill its function.

What should I do if my Etsy order hasn’t arrived?

When we see that our virtual store is not working correctly, we are not only referring to the application from the digital point of view. Since, also it is possible that we will find malfunctions practical.

Well, we know that behind the screen, there are people who carry out all the work to make the company work. In this sense, it may happen that you suffer delays with your orders, which you will be able to solve as follows:

fix effectiveness etsy online store

  • Through a claim on the Etsy website.
  • Visiting the parcel office to check the route of your package.
  • Having a conversation with the seller.
  • Make a connection with technical support line of the company.

How to make a claim on the platform?

Without a doubt, if your purchase has not arrived or you received something different from what you ordered, you must make a claim on Etsy. To do this, the platform, in its updated Etsy application, offers you a section, in which you have the possibility to raise the problem.

However, it is important that before opening a case, you contact the seller. wait 48 hours so that it generates a response to your request. So, if you don’t see a solution, proceed to make your claim as follows:

  1. Go to your Etsy profile and select the Purchases and Reviews area.
  2. Then look for the section identified as help with the order.
  3. Then you must select the purchase you have made for which you will generate the claim.
  4. Click the button that says Need help? And choose the option that indicates ‘Yes, I want to open a case’.
  5. Finally, fill out the form and specify the details of the problem you want to raise and submit your request.

At what time should I go to the post office?

Etsy offers you a pretty specific shipping policy, but the seller is the responsible for sending the package. This, you choose the company of your choice, unless you buy a shipping label from the platform. You will have to track the parcel through the post office.

The chain is quite simple, as Etsy sets the regulations, then the seller and the buyer agree on the shipping method. Then, the business owner chooses the parcel company. Being responsible for be aware that the package arrives to his owner.

According to Etsy’s regulations, the product must arrive at its destination within the next thirty days. However, it will respond to what the post office receipt states, depending on the place of reception. Therefore, the buyer and seller must always be attentive to the parcel company, monitoring the delivery.

repair functionality etsy webshop

How can I contact the seller?

When we decide to create a virtual store on this platform, we must supply our data contact. In this way, at the time of making the purchase, it is important to get in tune with the seller. To achieve this, you need to enter the direct message area.

For this reason, if you have any problem with the delivery of your order, it is essential that contact the seller through chat. This is the first route you should take to solve the problem. Then, after 48 hours without a response or solution, you proceed to open a case on the platform.

What to do to access the technical support line?

In order to offer a better treatment to its users, Etsy has created a customer service. In this way, you can contact them if you have any problem with your account, failure in the operation of your store or altercation with your purchase.

To do this, you will only have to access the area that says Contact the support team. That way, you can raise your requirement directly. Either through email or a phone number from the App.

fix etsy app store

How do customs taxes work for Etsy purchases?

We have no doubt, Etsy allows us to take our handicrafts across the borders, for that reason, we must comply with the customs taxes. In this way it can become a global company like Walmart. In these cases, we can see different situations in customs:

  • There is a possibility that the customs tax must be paid at the time the package arrives in the country of destination. In this case, the buyer will pay the indicated amount when you receive the product.
  • It can also happen that this commission must be paid before the shipment is made. This is motivated by the fact that there are countries that require Etsy cover import tax since the beginning.
  • In the same way, we are going to find cases of territories in which it is only necessary to do the payment of VAT and other fiscal taxes before the competent authorities with the purpose of receiving the purchase made.

For that reason, Etsy provides you with the tools to your business runs smoothly. Either from the point of view of technical failures or in dealing with inconveniences in the transfer of your crafts.