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In which Spanish cities does Glovo work? And in how many cities of the world

20 de July de 2021

Have you ever wondered In which cities in Spain does Glovo work? And in how many cities in the world, then read carefully this article in which we will answer this question.


What is Glovo? Glovo is a Spanish shipping company, which over time has become popular in many places, making it one of the “new” companies. most successful in the country. Given this, through the following article we will tell you a little about the extension and scope of Glovo in Spain and in the rest of the world.

In which cities in Spain does Glovo work? And in how many cities in the world

Once you know what Glovo delivers and what can be ordered at Glovo, it is important that you find out where the company provides its services. Undoubtedly one of the most important spaces where Glovo offers its services is precisely in its nation of origin (Spain). Given this, we will discuss the scope of the company in this nation and in other nations around the world.

In which cities in Spain does Glovo work?

Glovo was founded and is based in Spain, being more specific in the city of Barcelona, ​​for which it has a large number of branches in this nation, being the country where Glovo offers the greatest coverage.

Glovo currently operates in more than 250 cities and entities in Spain, occupying practically the entirety of its territory, which is why it is one of the most recommended shipping services within the nation.

Similarly, in most of these cities the Glovo Business work modality is provided, a very interesting option for companies seeking to easily send their products to other parts of the city.


Glovo has an extraordinary representation in Italy, the country in which the company works in more than 100 cities, covering a large part of the territory. Also in this country, the company is positioned as one of the most relevant in terms of receiving and sending deliveries.


After Spain, Poland is the country in which the globe has the most branches, providing shipping solutions to more than 130 cities throughout the Polish territory. The expansion of the company in this country has been very fruitful, classifying itself as one of the most relevant in its field.


The extension of the company to Portugal was to be expected, understanding the proximity of said country to Spain, for this reason, Glovo also has support for a good number of cities in this country, exceeding the number of 30 entities (and in extension).


In Romania Glovo works in at least 25 citiesAlso in this country, the reception of the company’s work model has been very positive, for which an extension of the service is expected in future times.

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The rest of Europe

Little by little, Glovo has been expanding its business spaces, in any case and although it has not managed to fully penetrate all areas of Europe., It also has a few offices in countries such as France, Croatia, Belarus, Ukraine and Serbia.

Latin America

Glovo has explored new territories, among which Latin America stands out, a field in which it has a considerable number of locations. Among the countries in which it offers its services we can highlight Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala Panama, Honduras, Colombia.

Either way, the nations in which it has been able to extend its services most successfully have been Peru and Argentina. This last nation in South America (Argentina) currently has more than 15 locations, being the country in Latin America in which Glovo has the largest extension

Other cities in the world where Glovo works

The company has sought to expand to practically every corner of the world, which is why it has also offered its services in countries such as Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kenya and Ivory Coast. Furthermore, Glovo is expected to extend its services to more nations in the near future.

Glovo’s reach in Spain and the world

As you may have seen with the previous information, Glovo is very important in Spain, but also in the rest of the world, providing its services in more than 20 nations through its App. In addition, an even more noticeable expansion is expected, making it one of the best App for ordering food at home and / or providing other ordering services.