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How to Zoom in a Photoshop Image? – Quick Edit controls

17 de March de 2022

Photoshop is one of the most used programs to edit images, since it is one of the most complete editing programs that you can find on the market. This program allows you to perform endless tools that will facilitate the editing process. One of these tools is the zoom tool, which is very useful for zooming in on a specific part of an image.

What methods can I use to zoom my Photoshop images?

In the Adobe Photoshop program, you can use various methods to zoom your images. One of these is using the toolbar and with the help of the mouse you can enlarge a specific part of the image. In addition you can also use shortcuts using your computer keyboard to run the zoom tool.

With the toolbar

To use the zoom tool, you must first open the Adobe Photoshop program and select the file that contains the image you want to zoom. Once you open the file you will have to go to the auxiliary bar which is on the left side. In order to make use of Photoshop editing tools.

Among the tools that are available, we find the option to zoom, which allows you to zoom in on a specific part of an image. In order for you to access it, you must use the shortcut on the letter Z.

Using the mouse

The Zoom tool can also be used using the mouse, and you can do it in several ways. The first one is dragging the mouse over the image this will create a surface with a limited border that will indicate the area you have selected.

Another way you can use the mouse to use the zoom tool is by clicking on the image. This in order to enlarge the area and enlarge the selected area to have a better visualization of a certain area in an image.

from the keyboard

One of the tricks that also allows you to zoom in Photoshop is by using your computer’s keyboard, using keyboard shortcuts. To use the zoom tool you must move the mouse scroll wheel forward while holding pressed the ALT key on your keyboard.

If you want to use this method you can increase or reduce, you must go to the top and click “Edit”. Then select the “Preferences” option and click on “General” then click on “Options” and select the option of ‘Zoom with scroll wheel’. Then you can zoom in the following way, to increase you must move the wheel forward and to reduce you must move the wheel backwards.

person using adobe photoshop

What are the actions that can be performed within Photoshop’s augmented mode?

IF you want to use the tool, you should know that you can also do different actions that can be executed within augmented mode of Photoshop, which you can find in the toolbar at the top where you can see a series of available panels, which allow you to use the shortcuts with which to adapt the view of the workspace.

real pixels

One of the actions you can find in the zoom tool is the Actual Pixels which shows the dimensions of an image. This without altering the image that is inside the Photoshop window. Allowing to eliminate any zoom or reduction effect.

fit screen

Another action you can use is to fit an image to the margins of the photoshop window. To do so you must select the option “Fit screen”thus the image automatically fits the size of the margins of the Photoshop program window.

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fill screen

You can also use the “Fill Screen” action, which is very similar to the previous one. But with the difference that this option only allows you increase the dimensions of an image until it fits to all the margins of the Photoshop program. This applies to both horizontal and vertical margins.

print size

The last option you will find within the actions you can perform with the zoom tool is the “Print size” action. Which shows the image with the actual dimensions expressed in cm, so that you will have the actual image size of the image. Either to send to print or to convert the image to a JPG format to use it on the web platform.