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How to Work Several People in Excel From Home and at the Same Time | Medium

11 de February de 2022

In today’s world, there are a large number of programs and applications that facilitate actions at work or in our daily lives. One of these programs is Excel. Through it, you can do a wide variety of things, since it allows the user a tray of completely diverse tools. Currently, through updates, there is an option that allows several people to work with the same Excel.

Through this article, we will learn about this quite interesting feature. In the event that a message appears on your screen saying Excel error does not have resources to complete a task, we will give you the steps to work without any problems with Excel and with several people together from the comfort of your home.

How to collaborate on Excel workbooks at the same time with co-authoring?

Taking into account that the excel program It has with it great tools to use every day, where one of them is the feature to use the “Load” formula in Excel correctly. It has allowed us in recent times, the possibility of collaborating with Excel workbooks at the same time with the co-authoring option”. To do this, certain important aspects must be taken into account.

It should be noted that co-authoring is the possibility of being able to share and work on the same spreadsheet by several people at the same time and each one from the comfort of their home. However, to use it, some fundamental options must be activated. In principle, the most crucial thing is to have the latest version of the Excel platformsince if you don’t have this, it won’t be possible to activate co-authoring.

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What are the steps to co-author with other people?

It must be taken into account that, to activate the co-authoring option within the Excel program, a variety of steps must be taken into account so that it works in the most correct way. Next, the steps to work will be mentioned with multiple people within the same Excel spreadsheet.

Upload the book to the cloud

The main thing is upload excel ledger in a OneDrive cloud. In such a case that the user does not have OneDrive, and is using SharePoint, you must take into account that the latter does not work for Microsoft co-authoring. Therefore, you should check the program you have installed.

Share it

The second step is to share it. Once the file has been uploaded into the cloud, you must select it to open it in this way. When it has been opened in a new tab, the following will be done:

  1. Click on the option of open on desktop.
  2. Once this file is opened, you will see a yellow bar indicating the protected view of the file.
  3. will be given Click on the “Enable” option.
  4. In the right corner, located at the top, click on “share”.
  5. Once there, by default, each of the people it was shared with will be able to edit the ledger.
  6. At the time of sharing, they must write email addresses people electronics.
  7. An optional feature is to put some message for the recipients.
  8. Once done, you will click “send”.

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The other people can use it

Once shared, the people to whom the invitation was sent can start using the spreadsheet. They will be able to open and edit it, in such a case that they want to use it for co-authorship, click on “edit”. However, for this, the user must have a new version of Excel, which must be compatible with the co-authoring option, in order to be able to move columns within Excel and have more options to edit.

Work together with other users

When the file is already open in Excel, you must have the “Autosave” option activated this so that when the files are edited when working together, they can be saved. To notice the people with whom you are working in “Co-authoring”, you will see their images in the upper right part of the Excel program.

In such a case that they do not have an image, you will be able to see their initials or their icon. To be able to do each thing, Excel must be downloaded from its official website, so you can use each function up-to-date and share files by co-authoring and collaborating with multiple people. This option is completely guaranteed if you want to work in a company with several people at the same time within the same spreadsheet.