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How to Work Inside the Linux Shell in a Simple Way | Complete Guide

10 de February de 2022

As for this versatile system environment offered by Linux, we have different little-known tools among these we find the Linux Shell, this becomes a powerful tool dedicated to specific fundamental actions. The truth is that many who do not know it, tend to confuse it with the console or terminal of the operating system; for this it is crucial to know how they differ.

As for how to perform actions, or perform a job with the Linux Shell we can execute, commands that can be referring to actions within system applications as would be, for example, create a “Script” to manage a home network created in Linux, in terms of its uses we can get many.

How do I get into the Linux shell?

In order to enter the Linux shell you must first press “Alt + F12” In this way, it will ask us to enter the “Login” password, from this moment we can enter the directory where we are going to generate the script to give the function that we need to grant, also the “sh” refers to all the Linux Shell.

What are the most used commands in Linux Shell?

As for the most used commands for the shell, these are just some of them. the most common commands used in the Linux Shell although there are many more, these would be. These commands can be used for various functions, such as changing the language of the operating system keyboard and have it according to our needs.

  1. Man, this provides information on programs and commands within the Linux environment it runs (man man),
  2. ls, gives us a list of the current directory is executed (man ls),
  3. More, is a filter that shows the content of a file in one terminal at a time and has two forms (more and ls /more),
  4. Cd, change directory (cd
  5. mkdir, create directory entries (mkdir )
  6. Rmdir, remove empty directories (rmdir )
  7. Passwd, change the user’s password (passwd)

Is Bash in Linux an equivalent to Shell?

As for the Bash (Burn Again Shell) on Linux It becomes an intermediary, or interpreter of commands, acting as an interface between users or programs and applications and the Linux Kernel. This will be in charge of entering one by one, the commands or instructions, which are entered by the user, which form the “Script”; returning this the results that are thrown after the command is executed.

bash the interface between programs and the kernel

What is the way to enter the Linux shell?

To enter the Linux Shell mode we have methods that help us execute this action, these methods are each equally effective. For in case you only know one and if you can’t get in this way, it’s good that you have another way to enter backup mode. The Linux Shell is the shell of the system, which is in connection with what is known as the “Kernel”..

For this action we can enter with a keyboard command, which is a shortcut that makes access to it faster and also we have a tool called “Prompt” which is just as useful for accessing the Linux shell, let’s see how to use each of these.

With a keyboard command

Just as we mentioned before, to enter this tool, just press (Alt + F12), in this way the Login will appear to enter the password and gain access. In the same way we have to know that the number of Linux Shell consoles that we can execute is determined by the function keys that we have, that is, from (F1 to F12), so for change consoles you must combine “Alt +f(x)”where in “x” the corresponding number from 1 to 12 is entered.

With the prompt tool

The Prompt tool is an indication of the Shell to announce that it expects a command from the user, which means that it is used for the interpretation of “Shell-script”, which comes to be command scripts, which comes to be a file with a group of commands that the shell interprets.

This tool is suitable to be a pre-established command line waiting for commands to execute, this tool can be modified, and it varies according to the user, in case the user is without privileges the Prompt will be $, but if it is the case Otherwise it will look like #. To open the shell the command would be “# sh”.

running linux shell and scripting

What parts of the Linux shell do I need to know?

When we acquire a Linux system like Ubuntu, with the intention of performing interactions with the Shell and determining Scripts. First we must know what its parts are about in order to know it. In the case of the Shell there are some parts that are essential to know, let’s see.

This is firstly a command interpreter that has the ability to generate “Scripts” so that the system has its operation according to the user, it has parts such as “Bash” which is who interacts between the “Shell” and “Kernel” commandswhich is the center of the system and the “Prompt” which is the one that conditions a wait for commands to be executed by the user, whether with administrator privileges or not.