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How to Watch Amazon Prime Video Content on my Android Device?

29 de January de 2022

Watching movies, series, television programs and sports through digital media is currently in fashion. If we talk about this a few years ago, it is possible that many remember DVDs, but, in view of the advances in technology and the great rapprochement that the internet has with people, now, streaming platforms are in full resurgence, for example, Netflix is ​​one of them.

However, it is not the only one, another platform with the same subscription services to watch movies and series is Amazon Prime Video, in fact, it is known that this is one of Netflix’s great competitions, so many people wonder which of them is the best platform. If you have decided on the latter, you are in the right place, since in this article we will teach you how to watch amazon prime video content on an Android device.

How to download the Amazon Prime Video app?

Having this application on your mobile device or smart TV will allow you to enjoy hours of the best content that this service brings to you. This app is considered one of the best online platforms, in fact, millions of people subscribe to it, if you also want to have an entertaining time watching your favorite series and movies, pay attention to the steps described below to download the Amazon Prime Video app easily.

From the cell phone or tablet

Enjoy all the multimedia content that the Amazon Prime Video platform brings to your mobile device by downloading its application. For it, go to the app store on your phone, Google Play or the App Store and download and install the Amazon Prime Video app. After you have downloaded it, open the app and register your phone.

To register your phone you must go to the Amazon Prime Video website, once you complete the requested fields, the same platform will provide a code for you to place it on the determined official page.

On Smart TV

If you own a Smart TV, you surely want to enjoy your favorite programs with the excellent HD image quality that these impressive televisions have. If you don’t know how to do it here we explain it easily. First of all, you need to install Amazon Prime Video on your Smart TV.

Once the installation is complete, enter the application and when you see the option on the screen ‘Sign up on prime website’ or the word ‘Access’, enter it to perform said action, then, on the left side of the screen, a registration code will be displayed, which you must enter when you start on the Amazon website.

After that, click ‘Register Device’. With this last step, you can now log in to your Smart TV and see everything that this platform brings to you.

boy and his dad watching movies on a smart tv

What is the way to sign in to my Amazon Prime Video account?

Signing in to your Amazon prime Video account is very simple, all you need is a stable internet connection, the your email address and a password. You can access it from the website or from the application in case you have installed it on your cell phone or smart TV.

To avoid typing your email and password every time you log in, you can click on the ‘Remember account’ option so that it saves said data. Now we want to show you how to log in to your Amazon Prime account if you do it from the web and the application. To log in from the website, go to the official Amazon Prime Video page, then click on ‘Account and Lists’ and then on ‘Login’.

Now, write your email and password, press ‘Continue’ and that’s it. To access your Amazon Prime account from the application, the steps are similar to the previous one, you must enter your email and password and then click on ‘Sign in’. The difference is that sometimes for security reasons you must make a Captcha. Also, if the device is not recognized, the platform will send you an email to confirm the login.

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How to add my favorite content to the watchlist?

In Amazon Prime Video you will find a wide range of multimedia content to enjoy in the comfort of your home, for this reason, many have wondered what movies and series they can watch, you can review the catalog that this platform has and choose what you like the most.

Many times we want to save something that we really liked and save it as a favorite. The good news is that Amazon Prime Video has an option that allows add your favorite content to a watchlist and you can do it in a few easy steps.

Once you’re logged in, go directly to the TV show or movie you want to favorite, then select it to add it to your watchlist. You will see the + symbol below the synopsis of the program, which you must press and once you do it, it will be in the watch list. To find your content added to favorites You must go to the lower right side and click on ‘My things’, there you will have access to the Amazon Prime Video watch list.

How do I add a new device to my Amazon Prime account?

As you have noticed, Amazon allows you to add your devices without any difficulty, in fact, you can transmit it or connect with about three devices at the same time. What you need to do is follow the steps mentioned above to register your device from the app or the website.

When you sign in, you should go to the My Devices section and see your registered device, however, you can’t add a new device, since it does not have this option. If you have any problems with device registration, you can consult Amazon Prime Video technical support and solve all your doubts.