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How to View YouTube Comments on Any Video on a Smart TV?

16 de December de 2021

One of the preferred social platforms is YouTube, in it you can subscribe, have your own channel and thus be able to upload videos to share with other users. This social network gives you many options to get the best out of the platform and improve your experience and content that you publish. One of the ways to know if the acceptance of your videos is through the comments. And on YouTube you can configure them according to your preference, you can activate the comments and view them from your Smart TV, and mobile. The way to do it, is explained in this article, so continue reading.

How to activate or deactivate the comments tab on YouTube?

Smart TVs are evidence of technological advances. With these devices called smart TVs, you can access content on the web. Review preferred websites and platforms on the Internet. One of the widely used platforms these days is YouTube, where you can share videos, subscribe to have your channel and from there publish videos that other visitors or users can see and comment on.

But if you do not know in what way the comments can be made, later we will show you the details for enable or disable the comments tab in Youtube. Remember that it is necessary to activate the comments tab for it to be displayed.

On mobile devices or computer

From your Chrome browser we open the YouTube page, then we go to the three points that are in the upper right corner. You enable the Desktop site option, in case you enter from your mobile. In this way, the screen will be displayed as if you were browsing from the PC. You press on the profile picture and choose the YouTube Studio option. In that window you will see all the content of the channel and all your videos, choose a video, scroll down, click on Show more.

When that window opens, you must scroll down and click on Comments and ratings. There to activate comments you select the option Allow comments. If you want to disable it, click on Disable comments. Once this step is done, you go to the tab above and click on Save. When you enter your main page, click on the video and you will be able to see the comments On or off. You can also do it from your mobile with the YouTube Studio application where the procedure is faster and easy.

On Smart TVs

From your Smart TV you must log into your YouTube account, click on your profile and then select the YouTube Studio option. There choose Videos and later in Comments and ratings, in the drop-down menu you will see several options including enabling and disabling comments. You choose the option according to the action you want to perform and that’s it.

What are the disadvantages of disabling the YouTube comments tab?

YouTube is a platform whose outstanding feature is to share audiovisual material, that is, videos, and those who own a channel edit their videos and upload them on this platform for users to see and share their opinion. That way you will know that the content of your video was very useful to those who viewed it.

youtube comment options

If you proceed to deactivate the comments on your YouTube channel, you take away the opportunity for your followers to express themselves regarding the published topic, No one will be able to express their opinion of the content of the videos on your channel. Nor will you be able to know if your channel is being of great use to your followers or what you can change to improve and reach more users who use this medium.

Other YouTube comment options that may interest you

YouTube’s interactive platform allows you to express yourself through the videos you share and allows your followers to comment. But you also have other options in case you want only some people to comment or that those comments are displayed automatically.

Option ‘Show automatically’

For the comments to be displayed automatically, you must perform a few steps as we indicated: Enter your YouTube account, click on My channel, then on Settings and among the options that are displayed choose Show tab of comments, when performing this action, select to show automatically and then click on Save. This will apply the changes made.

You will not be able to comment on the videos in ‘Private’

set privacy of videos on youtube

In YouTube you can configure the option on how you want to share the videos through the Privacy option. There it shows you three options such as public, hidden and private. In the latter, you must bear in mind that when uploading a private video, only you and those users you choose by sending the link they will be able to view the video. This video will not show on your channel and it will not appear in searches, because it is in private mode. You are in control of your channel and content you share because you can change the privacy of your videos on YouTube.