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How to view my FaceTime Call Log? – History on iPhone and iPad

3 de February de 2022

One of the greatest advantages that Apple brand devices have is that its users can use the famous FaceTime application. Where, making calls and sending text messages are functions par excellence and quite simple to carry out. For these reasons, this App has expanded so much within the market and every day, there are more than thousands of people around the world who download it.

Those who are just finding out about the use of FaceTime, have to know that from here calls can be received via email And not just phone numbers. Therefore, today we will teach you how to access your call log so that you can observe all the activity carried out in the last days or months.

What are the steps to view call history on FaceTime?

If you already have the FaceTime app on your mobile device, it’s important that you know how to view or access your call history properly. To do this, the first thing you should do is open the App, by doing so a list will be displayed with the people who have tried to contact you through the calls, followed by a short description that will tell you if they were made by video or audio.

Now, within the FaceTime panel, you will notice that some calls are highlighted in red. Which will indicate that these are those that you have lost while those that appear in gray are the ones that you answered.

In case you want to know all the details of your calls such as the number of origin or email, you only have to press the icon of the letter i that appears in a blue circle so that you can achieve it. Remember that in FaceTime, it is also valid to make group calls of 3 people.

How to recover FaceTime call history on iPhone and iPad?

In case you have any inconvenience by missing a call for some reason or another, you can make sure of it by checking the call history. Since, there are very practical methods that offer you immediate solutions before this type of problem. Therefore, we will be talking about them below so that you can implement them as soon as possible.

that were selectively removed

If you ever selectively deleted calls from FaceTime and now want to access them, know that you can get them back as long as you have specialized software. That said, it is important that you download a data recovery program and the most recommended one to fulfill this purpose is called FunDatos. Of course, you have to install it on the PC so that later, you connect your mobile.

way to recover facetime call history from mobile

Next, it remains for you to choose the type of file, by clicking on the Scan option. Once the whole procedure is finished, you will see the call history on the screen and if you wish, you can recover it because the program gives you options for itre-saving the call history either on the computer or directly on the mobile device.

Using iTunes backup

This is another very effective method that you can use whenever you want to recover FaceTime call history. Therefore, if you already have your mobile synchronized with iTunes, you need to connect your mobile to the PC so that you can click on the button that says Recover from iTunes backup. Once this is done, all calls will be restored without major problems. And, you will appreciate this copy on your computer because all the call history is automatically uploaded.

With iCloud backup

Similar to the previous point explained, you can recover call history via iCloud backup. To do this, you have to search from your computer for the alternative that says Recover from iCloud, proceeding to enter your Apple ID.

Right away, you will see how a wide list is displayed with the backup copies where you have to choose the type of file of your preference. When the program scans the files, you will appreciate the call history, recovering those that you consider most relevant.