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How to View a Forgotten Conversation on Facebook Messenger

20 de November de 2021

Facebook Messenger has become a very popular application. Messaging is very practical and adapts to many devices. The application’s chat and messaging service has tools so that you can keep your chats in order. You can archive and unarchive your messages to read later.

In this article we will show you how to organize your chats from the Facebook Messenger application on your mobile devices and view your archived chats. That is why we recommend you continue reading the article.

How to organize your chats from the Facebook Messenger application for mobiles?

In Facebook Messenger we receive many messages from our contacts and followers. But also, in the message tray you receive from those who recently installed the application, the latter are automatic messages. But in the end, all these messages tend to disorganize our chats. Here’s how you can organize your chats.

The way to organize your chats in the Facebook application is to archive your Facebook Messenger conversations so that you can access them in an orderly way and re-read those that you received some time ago and want to remember. To archive you just have to enter the Facebook Messenger application and in the message tray locate one in particular that you want to save. Swipe left and click on Archive. That way you keep your chats organized.

Where to view all my archived Messenger chats and move them to the main chat?

If you want to see those messages you saved again, you can easily view it. You just follow the following steps: You enter your Messenger application, click on your profile picture located in the upper left corner of your screen and select the Archived Chats option. There you will see all the chats that you have archived in order by date.

To move them to the main chat, the procedure is just as easy. You log in to the Facebook Messenger application, locate the specific chat you want to unarchive through the search engine, double-click on the Chat and it will move to the main chat tray. You send a message to that contact and that chat will be unarchived.

archive a chat on facebook messenger

How to easily view and retrieve my archived messages from Windows and Mac?

From your PC you must enter your Facebook account from the web, for this you carry out the following procedure. Log in to your Facebook account, click on the Messenger icon. There you will see the latest conversations, to see all of them, click on See all in Messenger. Click on the three dots or in Settings and then on the option Hidden chats or archived conversations.

That way you can see your archived messages. Once the chat you want to remove from the archived is located, you press on it, send a message and that’s it. You can see the message in your inbox of your Facebook Messenger account.

What if I can’t use the archive my chats feature in the Messenger app?

The function of archiving and unarchiving your chats of the Facebook Messenger application is available on all mobile devices and even from your computer. But if you have tried to archive a chat without success. You may need to take the next step.

Update the app

Remember that the Facebook Messenger application constantly makes modifications to the platform that in order to enjoy them it is necessary to update the application. In case you notice that some aspect of the application does not work or you have problems to archive a chat, you should verify that there is an update available for the application and start updating the Facebook Messenger application on your iPhone or Android. Having the latest version of the Messenger application is very important so as not to lose any news and get the most out of your application.

update facebook messenger application

What are the differences between archiving and deleting a message or conversation on Facebook Messenger?

An important aspect to keep in mind is that archiving a chat is not the same as deleting it. Both actions differ from each other. When you archive a chat, it temporarily stops being displayed in your main tray to be stored in another section of archived chats and you can access them at any time and move them to the main chat.

Secondly, when you delete a chat this disappears permanently from your message box on your mobile and you cannot access them again because they have been removed from the Messenger application, it is an action that runs permanently.