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How to Verify your Telegram Account and Get the Blue Check Next to your Name?

11 de December de 2021

As is to be expected, almost everyone nowadays has social networks from which they keep in touch with other people. One of the best platforms to do this today is Telegram, since from there you can enter public groups and chat with your friends. This time we are going to teach you how can you verify your Telegram account and how it will benefit you to do this.

What are the benefits of having your Telegram account verified?

There is always a difference between an account that is verified and one that is not, and that is that there are certain actions you can take compared to a normal account from Telegram. Therefore, we are going to show you what are those three differences that characterize this verified account.

Official identification

When you proceed to verify a Telegram account, you can have an official ID. This means that you can put a username and no other person who uses this platform will have this name. So this name will be unique and for this reason it will be very easy to find for people who look for it.

You improve trust with your followers and contacts

Another advantage that verifying your Telegram offers is that people will be more sure that it is really you and you do not have to worry about another person impersonating you by having another account, since you will have the blue check next to your account name.

Send official announcements

Through your verified Telegram account, it will also be possible for you to send ads that are true and that you own. In this way, people who enter your account will be able to know that the advertising you do for a certain product It is your property or that you are officially lending yourself to advertise a specific brand.

Offer guarantees on your services

The guarantee of the services offered by the Telegram platform are guaranteed, since they will not present you with failures at any time. In case you suffer any failure, you can make a claim to the technical service of the Telegram platform so that it can be repaired in the fastest and safest way.

Take your account more seriously

By having your Telegram verified you will give it a more professional and serious touch on your bill. For this reason, more people will feel confident to follow you on Telegram and you will be able to count on more members in the groups that you create within the platform.

Improve your marketing strategy

With your Telegram account you will also have the privilege of being able marketing more professionally And it would be, since as your account will be verified, people will be able to know that the product or service that you are doing this advertising is trustworthy and that therefore the information is true.

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What requirements must a Telegram account meet in order to be verified?

Clearly, in order for you to verify an account of any social network you have to meet a certain amount of requirements, since if this could be done only by accepting some application request, everyone would have a verified Telegram account and all accounts with the check mark would not be trustworthy.

That is why we will explain to you what are the requirements that you will have to meet on your Telegram so that you can verify your account and thus be able to do all the things that we explained previously.

Constant activity

Mainly, you will have to be a person who has a good amount of time using the same Telegram account and is very active on a day-to-day basis on this platform. So you will comply with one of the main requirements for you to verify your Telegram account.

You must already have verified networks

Another requirement that you have to meet is to already have other verified social networks, such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, but at least you have to have two so you can verify Telegram and thus also link them with these other accounts.

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Have a page on Wikipedia

It may be the case that you do not have an account from another verified social network and that is why you cannot verify your Telegram, but you can also do it if you have a page on Wikipedia. In order for you to verify it, you will have to add your page link and wait for the system to confirm that this page is your property.

What is the procedure to verify your account in Telegram?

Now that you know exactly all the terms that you have to comply with to verify your Telegram, we are going to show you how you can activate the verification.

You have to go to the page that Telegram has arranged exclusively for this and it is at From this page you will be able to proceed to verify your account, there you will place all the requirements that we have already mentioned a moment ago.

After you do, you will be able to count on all the benefits which offers you a verified Telegram account.

Is it possible to make other privacy settings after verification?

After you have your Telegram account verified, you will be able to choose the type of privacy that this app will have. In it you will be able to select which people will not be able to enter the groups that you make. You will also be able hide the phone number of your personal use and that you have added to the account so that no one can obtain it.

You can also choose if you want show if you are active or the last hour you connected between the settings that this platform allows you to do.