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How to use Zoom to give Virtual Classes – Step by step (Example)

9 de June de 2021

In favor of technological advancement and adaptation to it, it has become increasingly recurrent carry out certain online tasks, a clear example of this is using tools like Zoom to teach virtual classes.

And it is that, with the current world situation, and the problems that are for the educational areaTaking advantage of all the instruments available is essential.

Is zooming for virtual classes the best option?

One of the main reasons why this service is ideal for teaching virtual classes is the participant capacity that you can have even in the free version.

In this way, it will not be necessary for any of the interested parties to have to purchase any package in order to study or teach.

Similarly, the quality and versatility of Zoom is undeniable, as its functionality is excellent, allows to work only with audio, video or both together.

Moreover, it also supports file or document sharing while conference is in progress, and everyone will have access to it.

And, as if that were not enough, it is possible to record the classes, in case it is necessary to review them or revise them to take note of something, and even verify that there has been a lack of teaching.

Zoom also gives you the opportunity to use its platform from your cell phone.

Getting started in the world of Zoom

To get started, it will be necessary to have an account on this platform. What can be done from its official page, and through the upper orange button “Sign up, it’s free”.

The pop-up window will ask to enter the work email, in order to send a confirmation message to it. Upon receipt, the button “Activate account”.

In this way, it will take us to the Zoom website to fill in the personal data of the account, give “Continue”Is required, the next step can be skipped if desired. Then, to be able to select “Go to my account”.

Starting to use Zoom to teach virtual classes

In the account window, an option called “Schedule a meeting”, This must be selected.

Consequently, the relevant data to the conference room can be determined, these are the subject or name, a description if desired, the date of the appointment and how long it will last.

This will be limited to 40 minutes. The time zone will be important, as well as whether it will be a recurring room or not.

Finally, there are options regarding the generation of the meeting ID, audio and video preferences, and other aspects.

It is recommended to keep them with the default selections, except for the options “Enable the waiting room” Y “Record the meeting automatically“, Which is better to activate. It must be given in “Keep”.

Consequently, in the subsequent window the class can be scheduled in the Google, Outlook or Yahoo calendars, for a better organization.

Now, under the calendars option, the classroom website address, which can be shared with those interested.

Once you have created your Zoom account, you just have to create a room and pass the link to share.

Zooming the virtual class

Being in the Zoom profile, there will be a left side menu, where you can access the section “Meetings”And see all those that have been created.

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To be able to start a specific class, it will be enough to choose the button “Start”Located on the right side. Where it can also be removed if necessary.

When starting with the class, it is essential to adjust certain audio and video parameters that the platform will consult, as well as install a component that facilitates its use.

After this, what remains is that students join the meeting through the link, and you will be able to use Zoom to teach virtual classes.

All very easy, direct and within easy reach, as well as the diversity possibilities of teachers and students alike.

In case you are not aware, Zoom’s video calling platform tends to present a lot of security issues. But do not worry, your video calls can be protected by passwords, although sometimes these are somewhat annoying to use, but do not worry that these are easy to change and remove.