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How to Use Your Phone’s Timer Correctly? – Take Pictures Easy

14 de December de 2021

With the era of social media and smartphones, photos have taken on a more prominent role than ever in everyday life. But it’s not easy to take quality photos all the time, especially when you have to take them on your own. The solution for this is to learn how to use the timer on your phone correctly.

You can easily take photos with the help of this option, built into almost all current camera applications. With their help, you can schedule the photo capture with a stopwatch and thus have time to take all kinds of creative shots. Discover how to use this tool on social networks or with your cell phone’s native camera.

How can you take a photo with the Instagram timer?

The Instagram camera contains many interesting features that bring the Stories you post to life. You can configure a live broadcast, record reels, insert interactive stickers, add music and many other things; it even allows you to record with the ‘Hands Free’ mode. But nevertheless, still lacks a timer for photos.

But that does not mean that you should resign yourself, as there is an alternative to take timer photos and upload them to Instagram. To do this, you must use the native camera of your cell phone. Before that, check that it does contain a timer function; otherwise you will need to download another camera app.

In app stores there are tons of camera apps with features that make the most of your cell phone’s photographic sensors. Among the main free options are applications such as ProCam X Lite, Footej Camera2 and Open Camera, all available in the app store of your device.

After taking your timer photo and saving it to your phone’s gallery, you can upload it to your Stories or post it from the Instagram camera. You just have to move your finger up and you can mount a photo from your gallery in the app. Instagram is expected to add this feature very soon; stay up-to-date with updates so you’re the first to have it.

snapchat camera

What are the steps to use the Snapchat timer to take your photos?

The Snapchat instant messaging app is mainly focused on photos, so it is another platform where the timer turns out to be quite a useful tool. Unfortunately, the only timer the app has is the one used to create temporary messages that are automatically deleted.

Alternatively, iOS users can enjoy the timer feature when recording Snapchat videos on iPhone. For all other devices, the only option is to use other applications to capture photos and later upload them to Snapchat. There are multiple apps focused on taking timed photos that you can download.

Photo Timer + is fully geared towards this function and has a fairly versatile timer. On the other hand, Timer Camera adds several complementary utilities to enhance your photos and give them a professional appearance. The most prominent is Moment Pro Camera, which has a paid version to take the best photos with a timer.

Using these apps, you’ll be able to capture the best shot hands-free and then post your photos on Snapchat. You can even use the app editor to add the personalized touch of the popular selfie app, whether you’re using an Android or iOS device.

What should you do to be able to take a self-timer photo on Samsung?

Android devices often have different native camera apps, depending on the manufacturer’s brand. That means that its functions can vary from one brand to another or even from one range to another. In the case of Samsung phones, the layer of personalization they use makes its interface be the same on all cell phones Of the brand.

samsung camera timer

Thanks to this, it is very easy to learn how to use the self-timer function from your native camera. All Samsung phones include such a feature pre-installed, so no need to download other apps; although you can if you don’t like the native layout of your camera.

To activate the timer, you just have to open the ‘Camera’ application and press the ‘Timer’ icon on the ribbon located at the top from the screen. Next, a small options tab will allow you to set the timer time between three, five and ten seconds.

If the app crashes due to a camera bug, there are a number of solutions you can try. In case the timer function does not appear, try updating your device’s system or by restoring it to factory settings.

How to use the timer of your iPhone local camera to take photos?

The exclusivity of iOS devices allows all iPhone models to contain the best available functions, paying special attention to the photographic section. For that reason, the timer is a basic universal function on any iPhone camera and it can be used quite simply.

iphone camera timer

Depending on the version of iOS that your device has, there are slight variations in the camera interface, but you can find the timer in the ribbon that appears just above the shutter. By clicking on this option, a small menu is displayed where you can define the duration of the timer, between three and ten seconds.

This way, you won’t need to use your hands to take a photo. You just have to press the shutter button and wait for the count to come to an end. That will give you time to strike whatever creative pose you want to do. Then, you can review the result and keep the image in your gallery or delete it.

At the end of the countdown, a small click will announce the capture of the photo; therefore, you won’t have to keep your eyes on the screen to see if the photo has already been taken. Alternatively, you can turn off or mute the camera click to avoid making noise when taking the photo.