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How to Use the Nintendo Switch Controller on Android – Configure Buttons

10 de February de 2022

The Joy-Con are currently very popular devices, they have the great advantage that can be paired via Bluetooth from your Android phone, which is why many people wonder how to carry out this synchronization process?

In this sense, here we are going to teach you not only to carry out this process, but also to set up the buttons of control from you nintendo switch, so you’ll want to keep it up to date for this tutorial. In addition, we are going to show you the best Gamepads today.

How to connect the Joy-Con to my Android device?

Connecting your Joy-Con to your Android is very easy, what you have to do is have your Android phone and your Joy-Con at hand (it can be either of your two Joy-Cons), then you have to locate the power button on your Joy-Con. synchronization (it’s a button) and press it for a round moment (several seconds).

This must be pressed until they visualize the appearance of green lights that move from left to right. This movement of the green light indicates that your Joy-Con is pairing with your Android phoneso you only have to wait a few minutes for this process to take place completely.

You should know that if your command is Pro- the button that allows pair your Joy-Con with the Androidis located next to the USB connection, in this way you can enjoy this benefit of being able to connect your mobile with the Nintendo Switch and use it as a controller.

With GameController KeyMapper

Game Controller KeyMapper is an application that will allow you to configure the buttons of your Joy-Con with your Android, and it is used in the following way, after having synchronized your mobile with the Joy-Con you will need to have this application , as I told you before, is the one that it will allow you to configure the buttons.

To do this, you must download it from the Play Store and then install and open the application, once you entered the application a command will appear from your mobile device, which you must configure at your convenience.

with bluetooth

Paraca sync your Joy-Con with your Android what you have to do, is that one press the control button of the Joy-Con device, what you have to do is take your phone and go to settings where the Bluetooth application is located and make sure that it is turned on and visible .

Once you have done this process, you should know how to connect via bluetooth the Joy-Con device after having been detected by your phone, what you have to do is press where it says Joy Con’ and in this way it will be paired with your Joy-Con with your phone and voila! .

On the other hand, it is important to add that this system does not seem to be valid for pair your smart TV with your Android TV this may be because it is possible that there is some parameter that does not allow the pairing.

pairing button

How to configure the control buttons of Nintendo Switch?

This is a free application, which you can download from the Play Store of your Android this application will allow you to configure the buttons of a Gamepad, in this case, as the purpose of downloading this application is to use your Android as a controller for your Nintendo Switch, it will allow you to use it as a controller for the Joy-Con.

It must be said that this application is easy to use and, as I told you before, it will allow you configure Joy-Con controller buttons as you want. Now, the app works as follows, first once the app is downloaded to your Android phone, you need to install it and open the app.

You must then press each button continuously for it to allow you the option to use that button. If you want to start from the beginning, what you should do is press the Reset button, in this way you can enjoy the Joy Con controllers which will allow you to play an infinity of games.

What are the best Gamepads to play on Android?

You should know that there are currently three types of Gamepads that are compatible with Android phones, these are: Gamepads with lateral coupling, Controls with vertical support and Gamepads without couplings or support. The first, the Side-mounted gamepads , the remote will be placed on the side of the Android; the controller with vertical support allows to support the Android while holding the controller.

control and mobile

Finally, the Gamepads without connectors or support are used for Android and PC; however, they are the least practical. That said, the best 5 Gamepads to play on Android, which have been best sellers and offer a wide variety of advantages and some of them have an affordable price, are the following:

  1. Razer Kishi: This has the best command to play with Android controls, it is an ergonomic device, with which you can play for hours and not get tired. The command can be connected via USB connection to Android.
  2. Clip for DualShock 4 and Xbox controller: It syncs with your mobile via Bluetooth. You can use this with a support that allows you to hold your Android and thus avoid having any kind of discomfort when playing.
  3. Razer Raiju Mobile : This allows you to connect with two Android devices via Bluetooth beep simultaneously. Razer Raiju Mobile has 4 buttons that have various functions; the battery of this lasts approximately 20 hours.
  4. Samsung Galaxy : It is a more modern Gamepad, which supports phones of various sizes and allows you to connect to the PC through a USB cable, this is 100% with Steam, it has an original design and its battery lasts 10 hours.
  5. Mando- pistol with triggers from AliExpress : It has the shape of a double pistol, it is used for shooters, it only has the triggers as buttons and an important detail is that it cannot be configured wirelessly