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How to Use the Amazon Fire TV Stick if You Lost the Remote?

23 de February de 2022

One of the most popular streaming services today is Amazon, which is adjacent to Netflix. Unlike the latter, Amazon has a service similar to Google Chromecast, in which we can connect a device to our television to watch the television channels on the main Amazon Prime page.

Among the items that come with the Amazon Fire TV is its cane, which we can use as a remote control, But what happens and what can we do if we lose this command? Read on to find out how to act

What are the features of the Amazon Fire TV stick?

The Amazon Fire remote control, called Fire Stick, is a remote that comes when we purchase the aforementioned service and that allows us to control both the Amazon Fire’s own HDMI device and, depending on the characteristics of this remote, we can also control our own television with basic functions.

TV connection and control

The fire stick used via wireless connection, as if it were a common TV remote, although for this, it is necessary to pair the device with the HDMI Amazon Fire. Regarding the connection of the TV, if it is a relatively new model, it will recognize it automatically, so there will be no need to do any additional steps beforehand.

The remote when used with a television, has the typical functions, i.e. turning a TV on and off, raising and lowering a volume and depending on the model of the Fire Stick, change channels. With the Amazon Fire TV service itself, we can control streaming broadcasts, change channels, pause and play, rewind and increase and more; Just like when used on TV, it will also depend on how new the model is.

Another important point to note is that if we have one of the latest versions of the Amazon remote, we will have an option to control by voice with the company’s AI, Alexa. It is necessary that in order for you to take full advantage of all this, you have to create an account and add a password to the Amazon Prime account.

access prime video with amazon cane

How to know if you can use the Amazon Fire TV stick without the wireless controller?

As we mentioned, depending on the versions of both the Amazon Fire TV stick itself and of the television, how recent they are, we can use it without problem and this through the CEC function, which both devices must have in themselves. As of 2002, televisions have this option and the newer models of the Amazon Stick also have it, when you have made sure of this, activate the CEC function on your remote control and that’s it, you can use it on your TV.

How to use the Amazon Fire TV stick without the wireless controller?

Another of the ways the Fire Stick can be handled it is by pairing Echo Dot (Amazon service) with Alexa (Amazon AI as well), for this you would have to have the same account for both and if not, you can change the Amazon account on Echo Show, in such a way that both services are matched online.

Use the Amazon Fire TV App

Another method that works equally well is to use the official amazon app, available for Android and iOS devices, once you have downloaded the app on your Smartphone, pair the Amazon Fire TV with the application on your phone, connecting both to the same Wi-Fi network; The Amazon service will ask you to enter a code that will appear on your mobile, when you insert it you will be able to use your phone as a remote control either by buttons or by voice.

using the amazon fire cane

How to properly link a new Amazon Fire TV remote?

Finally, there is the most obvious solution and it is precisely get a new remote, although it is even possible to use a mouse on Amazon Fire devices. When you buy the new remote control, at first you will not be able to use it, since it is necessary for the Amazon Fire TV and it to be paired with each other, for this follow what we tell you next:

  1. Turn off the TV where you have the Amazon HDMI connected and leave it like that for 30 seconds, we even recommend that you disconnect it from the power source.
  2. Plug everything back in and power on, then wait for the service to fully load and start normally.
  3. With your new control, press the “Select” and “Home” buttons, both at the same time until a message appears on your TV screen that will indicate if the new device has been successfully linked, this for 1 minute.

Although the time may seem a bit long, it is how long it takes for both the Amazon Fire TV and the new remote to be paired without any problem.