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How to Use Siri to Take Photos on iPhone and iPad Easily – Technology

25 de January de 2022

If you are an old iPhone user, could you imagine life without Siri? For some people that is an impossible scene to think about. This assistant can help not only to perform actions with the mobile, but also provides you with useful information. Yes, still you don’t know how to take a photo with siriHere you will find everything you need.

How to use Siri to take a photo?

Siri is an assistant that works on devices made by Apple to make life easier and better for people. We cannot deny that since its launch it has been delighting and simplifying things for its users. Apple designed this wizard so that it can work with a lot of versatility, so it is not surprising that Siri is used to recognize the songs you are listening to and know where they are stored.

Likewise, you can use it as a personal translator. In this age where we come across different languages ​​on television, products or documents, we can use the assistant as a lifeline to know what we are doing.

Something that has been very curious for iPhone users is that if you don’t like Siri’s default voice, you can transform it until you find a tone that suits your tastes. Maybe, want a softer, slower voice or, conversely, a more authoritative voice.

You can ask Siri for a whole series of requests that can range from translating a phrase, checking the weather, looking for an address or determining when an alarm should sound. Now, if you are not sure what other things you can do with the assistant, you just have to do a little research on the official site.

From the Home button

From time to time Apple developers add new features through updates to be the first to innovate mobile technology. One of these functions now you can use is take a picture.

When executing this action, Siri has two ways to get the request. One of them is with the Home or start button. This button can vary its location depending on the type of iPhone you have. Some have it on the right side, below the volume and others can activate it by pressing the top volume button.

Once you know where the start button is, you just have to say: Hey Siri or also Hello Siri and press the home button until the wizard is activated. Then, you must give the order to take the photo and be clear when requesting the type of photo you want. This will open the camera app and the requested photo will be taken.

how to use siri

From shortcuts

The other way to take a photo with Siri is by using shortcuts. For this you must enter the application shortcuts on your mobile. Then, go to the gallery and write a kind of command, that is, write a phrase that tells the assistant that when you pronounce it, it is because you want the capture to be made.

If you write, for example: take photo, later the assistant will understand it and will execute it. You don’t need to type the words in the example, just like neither should it be in English or Spanish. You can do it in another language and using any other words. Once you have selected the words and the language, you just have to add to the shortcut so that it is added to the library.

What are the types of photos that can be taken with Siri?

As we mentioned before, Siri is a very versatile assistant and not only does an internet search or gives you the weather forecast, with it you can take a photo in different ways. Does this idea appeal to you? Fortunately it is true. You just have to learn to get the most out of it.

take selfie

The well-known selfies are photos that are taken with the phone’s internal camera. Every day, many people take thousands, although there is a considerable amount that still do not know how to take photos with this modality. If you are one of them, you can ask Siri for help to improve your images.

siri to take photo

To be able to do this you must press and hold the home button of the mobile to be able to activate the assistant, then you must make the request: Siri takes a selfie. This request will automatically cause Siri to open the camera app and then the front camera to take the photo.

Panoramic photo

Another photo that you can take with Siri is the panorama, although this is not as popular as the selfie, in the same way it has its public that likes to use it. Also, it’s good to know that other options you you have are the normal photos and the square ones.

To take the panoramic photo you must press and hold the home button to activate the assistant. Then you should say: Siri takes a panorama. With this Siri will open the camera application and the function for panorama.

What are the things Siri can’t do on iPhone and iPad?

Although the Siri assistant is very versatile, there are things that unfortunately you can’t with it. For example, if you open the camera app you can’t use the timer when taking a photo, since the assistant only needs to receive a clear and specific request to execute it.

Another thing you can’t do is turn on HDR photos or use filters, Zoom or autofocus while you’re shooting.

take photos with siri

How to use voice control to take photos with my device?

Voice control is what allows us to activate certain actions by activating voice shots. Just go to phone settings and find the accessibility tab and then voice control, this part we must activate the function by passing the control switch from left to right.

Then you just have to customize each command you plan to use. To customize it you must create all the commands you will use, writing the keywords that will trigger the shot.