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How to Use Google Chrome Extensions to Add New Tags? – Simple Tutorial

14 de January de 2022

Google Chrome contains multiple features that can be added little by little for users to enjoy more to use that browser. These features, which can be added little by little, are the extensions. Google has created a specific section to download extensions, which is the Google Store.

All the extensions that you have installed on your computer or mobile are used to add new labels that you will use later. In short, we will show you what are the primary tags that you have available to add to Google Chrome, how to manage a home page and the layouts to use for the ‘New Tab’ option.

What are the main tags that can be added to Google Chrome?

The Google Chrome web browser contains hundreds of tags that can be used within the mobile app or within the desktop browser. google tags allow you to group certain tabs that you have opened in your browser while you are using it.

The tags feature was added to Google Chrome for the sole purpose of better organizing each of the windows that are being used. Apart from the labels, the browser also puts you indicators to assign a specific color that will help you better identify more labels.

There are two top tags in google chrome, which are the ‘Audio Tags’ and the ‘Tab Tags’. In case you didn’t know, with Google Chrome there is a way to customize or configure keyboard shortcuts to access some extra functions that the browser has.

Also, with your Google Chrome browser there is not only one way to customize keyboard shortcuts or create labels. With this web browser there is even a way to resume downloads that have been blocked.

How to modify the home page and weather forecast to make it look better?

If you want to improve the enjoyment of your browser, it is best to modify the home page of Google Chrome and the forecast for the weather. See how the home page is changed:

  1. Turn on your mobile or computer
  2. Open the Google Chrome browser
  3. Access the browser settings
  4. In the settings browser, place the sentence ‘Home Page’
  5. To finish, click on the first search result and proceed to change the initial page

This is how the home page of the Google Chrome browser is changed. in the following way weather forecast changed:

  1. Open the browser
  2. Go directly to the Google Home website
  3. Enter the ‘Climate’ section
  4. Adjust what is necessary for the weather forecast and save the changes made

person using computer

When you finish adjusting such kind of things, it is best that you go on to clear your browser’s cache to avoid that in the future you are two configurations have faults.

There are multiple layouts that can be found for the ‘New Tab’ page in the browser styles that can be put to the ‘New Tab’ page in the Google Chrome so that the google chrome tag look much better. Some of such styles are worn by many people.

But instead, there are a couple of styles that hardly anyone wears that are really good for personalize your google chrome. The two most used designs are the modernized ones and the infinite new tab. So that you are more aware of the functions of Google Chrome, we will talk about each one of them.

Modernize your ‘New Tab’ page in the browser

The modernization of the new tabs is something that, to tell the truth, turns out to be very good for people who want to learn about the design of Chrome or who want their browser to look different. This is what you need to do to modernize the home page from your browser:

  1. turn on your computer
  2. open chrome
  3. Go to settings
  4. Go to the ‘Design’ section
  5. Enter the ‘Home Page’ option
  6. To finish, choose the option that says ‘Use custom page’ and adjust the things you prefer

girl customizing the chrome

If you run into problems with the home page customization of your Chrome browser, you should go to the official Google website to find information that will help you solve the problem.

What is the Infinity New Tab and how to modify it?

Google has incorporated a new feature called ‘Infinite New Tab’, which has a couple of things worth commenting on. With this new tab, you can customize things like the web bookmark where you are, the wallpaper and many other things.