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How to Use Corel PhotoPaint Interactive Fill Professionally?

11 de February de 2022

In today’s world, we come across a variety of programs that directly help us make edits that help us improve a drawing, animation, and so on. That is why one of them is Corel Photo Paint. It is a program that can be obtained from its official Corel Photo Paint website and works as a informative editing program for graphics or bitmap images.

Therefore, through this article, we will learn the ways and means of using the interactive fill with the Corel Photo Paint program.

What are the types of interactive fill shapes in this program?

Taking into account that through this application we can make a variety of fillings that help us to better create or modify an animation. It should be noted that these fills can be done through the interactive fill. Various shapes can be executed there, either by means of pattern gradients, vector graphics using Corel Photo Paint, texture graphics or full fill update.

However, within the types that we can find to use the interactive fill tool through Corel Photo Paint, we find the following:

  • The square or cone-shaped gradient fill.
  • The gradient fill in linear and radial mode.
  • The filling of the pattern in two colors or only one.
  • The fill of the texture.
  • postscript fillers
  • The fills used in bitmap pattern.

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How do I use interactive fill correctly in Corel PhotoPaint?

To make correct use of the tool included in Coral Photo Paint, a description of the most useful forms of this interactive fill option will be made below.

To make a uniform filling

One of the most used ways is to make a uniform filling, it is used directly to clone and correct imperfections in an image. Helping directly with visual animation that you will want to do within the edition. To use it, do the following:

  1. Click on the “Models” option
  2. Later, locate in “Mixers”
  3. And then click on “Palette” where a different color option will be displayed.

Here, a variety of options will appear for use, in order to improve a filling and that it is also uniform. Adjusted directly to the animation or edition that is proceeding. The user who is using them can perform different effects into the fills until you achieve the blended colors that work best for you.

When you want a fountain fill

For perform a fill with the gradient option that allows the interactive fill of Corel Photo Paint, the steps that will be mentioned below must be taken into account:

  1. You must enter and click on the “Object” option
  2. Then click on “Object Properties”
  3. When you have attached this option, you can click on the “Gradient Fill” tool and each of the features will be displayed there to be used within the edition.
  4. Once the fill selector has been opened, one of the thumbnails would be clicked.
  5. Subsequently, it will Click on the “Apply” option
  6. And you will be able to apply the gradient fill within the animation or edition that is being carried out within the Corel Photo Paint program.

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How to make interactive fill effect subdivisions in Corel PhotoPaint?

It should be taken into account that within the interactive filling option that the program brings, we also find the effect subdivisions option. In the same subsection, we can find the ways to align and distribute the objects in Corel Photo Paint. To do so, the following steps must be followed:

  1. The subdivisions that are within the interactive fill, are those of “Mix, models and palettes”.
  2. To enter this subdivision, simply have to click on the “Interactive fill” option and the subdivisions will be displayed.
  3. It will be possible to make mixtures within the fillings, use a varied palette of colors and other important characteristics.

How do you remove a live fill in Corel PhotoPaint?

In the event that you want to remove the interactive fill that we have been using within an animation or editing with the Corel Photo Paint program, it can be done by following certain steps:

  1. First, to remove the interactive fill option, you must select it using the tool that set “Mesh Fill” and an option to “delete” will appear
  2. Once clicked on this feature, the object within the edition that has the interactive fill will be selected and “Delete” will be clicked.
  3. It’s that simple you can remove an interactive fill within the Corel Photo Paint program.