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How to Use Apps in Split Screen on Chromebook? – Fast and easy

15 de February de 2022

Using split screens will help you be more efficient at work, since you can perform several tasks at the same time. This function can be performed on your Chromebook computer, a very easy function to activate. Stay on this article and finish reading to find out how to split the screen of your Chromebook and how to use the applications in that function, among others.

How to split the screen on a Chromebook?

There are many brands of laptops, but only one will help you provide the best comfort due to its design and easy-to-use functions. We are talking about Chromebook, this computer is the most sought after in the market not only because of the cost that is very tempting, but also because of the multiple tools it has.

Many times when you are in front of a computer you have to perform several tasks. Your Chromebook gives you the opportunity to do them through its split screen function. In this way you will be able to work on two tasks at the same time, facilitating the work to be carried out. Check out how to split the screen on a Chromebook.

To split the screen, you open an app and then click the minimize icon to resize window located in the upper right corner of the screen. This will allow you to scroll or move that window to the right or left as you prefer. Now, you proceed to open another window, in the same way you minimize it and drag it to the other space on the screen and that’s it.

For the trackpad, you can activate the trackpad on your Chromebook and swipe up to display open apps. In the ‘Drag here’ section to use split screen, you drag one app to that section and the other app to the other section of the screen. It’s up to you where to locate each application you want to use in split screen on your Chromebook.

How to use apps in split screen on Chromebook?

This split-screen feature on your Chromebook will help you efficiently streamline your work. Since you can display two windows at the same time and work on them at the same time. On your Chromebook split screen, you can use two or more apps. See how it’s done, first open one of the apps you want to screen share.

Then, you click on Maximize or restore, keeping it pressed until you see the two dates. Click on the left arrow and move the application to that screen. You can also perform this action with the Alt + keys [ ] of your Chromebook. You open another application and perform the same procedure, but you will move it to the right side of the screen.

Too can use multiple apps in split screen dragging windows with several applications to use and switching between one application and another. In this way, you can use your applications in split screen and streamline the various tasks, such as a document you are writing in one window and research in the other. You can also lock your Chromebook screen for security.

people using split screen on a chromebook

For what reasons is it not possible to split screen on Chromebook?

Using two applications at the same time or performing two tasks at the same time is an ingenious idea that Chromebook saw fit to incorporate so that its users can make use of this function. And although it is a very easy process to carry out, there may be inconveniences that prevent you from splitting the screen on your Chromebook.

That is why it is very important to know how this feature of your Chromebook works, what you should and should not do to run the function efficiently. For this reason, we will briefly highlight at least two reasons why you can’t split the screen of your Chromebook.

Unsupported app

There are applications that adapt perfectly and without any inconvenience when you activate screen sharing, fitting into one of the screens where the division has been made. But the same does not happen with other applications, why? One thing to keep in mind is that not all apps allow the feature to be used in split screen.

Therefore, it may happen that when you try to use an application in screen sharing on Chromebook, you cannot activate it as you expect, in this case it is because it does not support the screen sharing function.

Generally, apps that support screen sharing don’t display the maximize or restore icon, only you can view the minimize and close. So it is a detail to consider when enabling the screen sharing function on your Chromebook computer.

app does not support screen sharing on chromebook

screen split error

Even if you haven’t noticed that the app you’re trying to use in split screen doesn’t have the maximize and restore icon, you might still want to try using that app on your Chromebook. In that case, if you insist on forcing the app to insert it into split screen, a error message when split screen.

This error message corresponds to a warning informing you that the application in question does not support the split screen function. Therefore you cannot activate that action.

What is the way to adjust the size of the split screen?

Once you’ve split your Chromebook screen with the apps to use, you may want to adjust the size of the split screen. But first, you should know that drag apps to split screen automatically they adjust to the size of the screen, remaining equal sizes by default between 50/50.

adjust split screen size on chromebook

But you can proceed to Adjust the size of one, based on your requirements to work comfortably. To do this, you will see a vertical line in the middle of the two screens, you must press there and move it to the right or left, adjusting the size to your preference. You must do this every time you split the screen. That’s why it’s good to know the features of your Chromebook.