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How to Unzip an Archive into Different ZIP or WinRaR Parts? – Extraction

4 de February de 2022

All computers have functions that are very useful when using a program or installing an application. One of these important functions is zip and unzip files. This option is mostly used when we download files from a web page.

These types of compressed files are used to encode and contract these files. Thus may be almost invisible for copyright control. That’s why you need to know how to unzip ZIP and RAR files from your computer.

What should you know before decompressing ZIP and WinRaR files?

In electronic equipment we can get to do some actions with which we can store a good amount of folders in a secure file so that they are kept in a compressed way. This action will help you keep these files that are stored here grouped and safe from any changes being made to them.

There are various formats of file compression, but the ones used are RAR and ZIP. These are the most used by all, so it will be very easy to recognize and use them.

Function of the compressed files in parts

One of the things you can do to make your files more secure is compress the files into separate parts, but in the same RAR or ZIP file. In this way the files will have a separate space.

This will also help you when keep files organized found in this compressed file. For this reason, you will be able to do everything you see fit when making a file of this type.

Now that you know what the file compression system is for, you need to know how you are going to be able to decompress the files that are there. For you to be able to do this, you are going to have to have installed on your computer the WinRaR program, which is the one with which you will be able to do each of the things that we will explain to you.

In order for you to unzip this file in parts, you will have to go to the file you want to unzip. When you are there you will mark it and you will click the right button of your mouse. Here you have to press the ‘Extract files’ option, then you just have to choose the folder in which you want all the parts that are in this compressed file to be uncompressed.

Partially compressed files are not the only way you will be able to save your files. You can too save your files in a single folderthis way you will save a good amount of time when it comes to organizing and doing many other things.

man doing something on his pc

with Windows

In Windows you can unzip files without having the WinRaR program installed on your system. If you see a compressed folder, you will be able to open it, you just have to double click the file. Then the folder will start to unzip automatically.

In case you have WinRaR installed, you will only have to mark the compressed file and then click ‘Extract here’ or ‘Extract to’ and you will see the name of the file. This second option is the most reliable, since many times these files are scattered in the compressed and when they are extracted they get out of order. But by using the option that we mentioned, you will not have to worry about the order of the files.

from your Mac

With computers that have an operating system Mac You will also be able to decompress files, but in these you will have to install a third-party program or application with which you can perform these actions. One of the applications that you will be able to install on this system is ‘Descompressor’.

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This is an application that does not weigh so much when downloading and installing it. This program is very cautious and at the time of start a decompression process You will not have to be aware of the process, since it will notify you when the decompression is complete.

Another of the programs that will work for you is ‘The Unarchiver’. This program works with a good number of formats to unzip and compress. You just have to install it and when decompressing a file, right click it and choose the type of decompression you need.