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How to Uninstall WinRAR Software from Windows 10 without Program?

25 de January de 2022

At this time, what is almost an automatic activity is to compress and decompress a ZIP or RAR file with WinRAR, that is, this application is the one preferred by most users for these functions. Mainly, thanks to its wide compatibility, versatility, cost and ease of use, however, it is an application that once installed, it takes root in your system making it difficult to remove it completelyeven when you don’t need it.

It happens that WinRAR, in the process of checking the security of the files, applies CRC32 or BLAKE2 checksum embedding protocols to each of them. If lately you find yourself wanting to uninstall the programs you use the least, or just this software is generating errors when trying to unzip files, and you have already decided that you want to completely remove it from your computer, continue reading, we will explain everything you need to know.

What happens to your PC programs if you uninstall WinRAR?

WinRAR is one of the applications most powerful on the market, to create and open files in RAR or ZIP formats, and although there is also the possibility of making a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 10 using WinRar, if you have already made the decision to remove it from your computer completely, you may have doubts about the implications of taking this action.

Although many programs that you download to your computer initially come in a compressed format, once you have successfully uncompressed and installed them on your computer, they will remain there, unless there is an extraordinary failure or you make the decision to uninstall them. In other words, WinRAR is a standalone plugin, the only thing that will affect you if you uninstall it is that you will no longer have its functions, although there are other good alternatives for this purpose, among them: 7-Zip, PeaZip or B1 Free Archiver.

How to uninstall WinRAR from your PC correctly?

If the reason why you want to uninstall the app is due to ignorance of how it works, we recommend you read how to unzip a rar file divided into parts in WinRAR easily. Although, yes it is definite that you want to delete this tool of your options in Windows 10, we tell you below the ways you have to achieve it.

work according to the applications you want

From app settings

The traditional way to uninstall any application of your computer, you can’t stop trying it, since it can save you many unnecessary steps, if it proves to be effective. This way is using the configuration panel of your system:

  1. Click on the start menu, located on the taskbar, once there select the gear symbol corresponding to “Settings”.
  2. Then, you must click on the “Applications” section, so you will see “Applications and features”, a complete list of the applications and programs installed on your PC.
  3. Locate WinRAR, click on it, then you can display uninstall option. Click on it and confirm by clicking “Yes”. With this it would be completely removed from your system, you can see it because it no longer appears in the list of applications.

Directly from the App

Although from the configuration panel the WinRAR uninstall process is extremely simple, there is another way to achieve it even simpler, and it consists of simply going to the start menu of your computer (You can click on the WIN key to access it ), then locate WinRAR (you can write it, to find it faster), now you just have to give right click on it and choose “Uninstall” option”.

Now the Control Panel will be displayed, so you can continue the process as follows, click again on the name of the program in question, and at the top of the applications, locate the uninstall button to click on it, in the new window you must click on “Yes”, so you will be confirming the decision, you wait for the process to complete and immediately you will notice how WinRAR is no longer available in the list of programs on the panel.

How to remove the remaining fragments or files from WinRAR?

When you have executed an uninstall process, of any application or program, on your computer, it is normal that there are still remains or traces of these in your files. It happens that always installed software stores data at the disk level hard, as a backup of the changes or preferences that you have adjusted in them, cache and others.

In the case of WinRAR, if you want to delete any registry still stored on your PC, you can go to the following path “normally c:Program FilesWinRAR”, and there you look for “%ProgramFiles%WinRAR”, in case you get folder(s) back, right click on it(s) and select delete. You can also get rid of the license by going to the following address “C:Users[NOMBRE-USUARIO]AppDataRoamingWinRAR”, there look for a folder named “%APPDATA%WinRAR”, you just have to right click on it and delete.

compressing files is always good saves memory

After executing these steps, there will be no traces of WinRAR left on your computer, but if in the future you see a need for a program to open or compress files and you consider this to be your best option, you can still have it back, you should only download it from the official WinRAR page.