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How to Uninstall Python From Windows 10 PC – Find Out Here

18 de December de 2021

Unsurprisingly, computers became one of the most necessary gadgets in office work. In addition, there are many other things that can be done with a computer, such as editing music and videos and playing games.

There is a program that you can use if you are one of the people who works programming pages or applications, and this is the one for Python, but there are times when it is necessary to uninstall it from your computer. That is why we are going to show you how you can erase it without leaving traces.

What to do to remove ‘Python’ from any computer?

It is very likely that you no longer need Python on your computer and that is why you will want to uninstall or delete it from your operating system so that it does not get in the way or take up space on your computer. Therefore, we are going to teach you how you can uninstall it from Windows systems, Mac and Linux, recently known as Ubuntu.

With a Windows PC

From Windows, the process to uninstall any program, including Python, is something very simple to do:

  1. For this you will open the Windows start and enter the control panel.
  2. Here will be the option to ‘Uninstall programs’, which you will open.
  3. You will look for Python, you will mark it and then you will click on uninstall. This way it will be completely erased from your computer.

After uninstalling it, you will go to the Windows file explorer and in the folder where the program data is stored and you will erase all the residues of it. Then you will go to the trash can and empty it so that everything is permanently erased.

Remove Python on Mac

You probably no longer need Python and want to remove it from your MacOS PC. You will have to follow these simple steps:

  1. The main thing you will have to do is close python application the way you often do. In this way, the system will not restrict you from uninstalling.
  2. Now you are going to enter the ‘Activity Monitor’ program. Here you are going to advise that the system is no longer using the Python application, if it is still being used in the background, press the (X) key to close Python completely.
  3. You will go to ‘Applications folder’, you will take the Python application and packages to uninstall Python. Then, you will move them to the trash to be deleted.
  4. Finally, you will have to find and delete all the files used by the application so that they do not take up space and do not cause you problems later.

linux logo

Remove Python from Linux (Ubuntu)

On Linux, it is recommended that you do not remove Python if it came installed by default on your computer. This is because if you delete it on your PC, will begin to fail as a display on the screen.

On the other hand, if you have installed it later, yes you can uninstall it this way from Linux. This is a very simple and quick process for you to uninstall Python from Linux:

  1. First of all, you are going to start by opening a terminal on your computer, this is done by simultaneously touching the keys CTRL + ALT + F1.
  2. When this terminal is started you are going to enter this code: compgen -c python.
  3. All versions of the program will come out. To uninstall the version you want, you have to enter the following code: sudo apt purge “python0.0”. Between the quotes you will put the version of python that you want to uninstall and of course without writing the quotes.
  4. The above command removes all files related to that version of python.

After doing it, ya the Python program will finish deleting permanently from your Linux computer.

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How to check if Python has been successfully uninstalled from a computer?

Once you finish uninstalling Python, you will want to make sure that it has been permanently removed from your computer so that it does not cause any kind of inconvenience to your system and in the storage of the Pc. Therefore, we will show you how you can be sure that this program has been uninstalled correctly.

With the file browser

One of the ways to see if Python has been uninstalled is with the computer’s file browser. Here you only have to write the name Python and in the search you should not be shown any file that has this name, since when you uninstall the program all files containing this name are deleted.

Search your computer applications

The other way to verify it is by opening the list of applications on your PC. So you can search for it in detail, and if it is not on that list it means that it has been permanently removed from the computer and that it will not cause you problems later.