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How to Turn Message Preview On and Off on my Samsung Galaxy?

31 de March de 2022

Previewing messages on a mobile device allows display a message before even unlocking the phone. This feature saves users time by giving them an idea of ​​the content of a message before reading it.

However, this preview also allows other people to see the content of the messages. Well, the preview appears on the screen as visible to anyone who wants to see the messages. Message preview can be disabled on both Samsung Galaxy phones and other mobile devices such as iPhones. Being a way to protect the privacy of users.

How can I set apps to show a preview?

Each of the apps has its own settings. In turn, the mobile device is capable of controlling the applications regardless of how they are configured. Hiding the preview of any app can be done from the configuration of the application itself. As well as from the mobile device settings.

From the application itself

To configure the message preview in any messaging application, you must do it from the options of each application. This setting must be done in each application. To do this, you have to enter the messaging application and reach the settings menu. Applications like Telegram allow you to disable pop-up notifications from the settings menu.

It must be found in the notifications section the preview option and turn it off. However, this option will not be available in all applications. Other alternatives are to mute notifications or mute specific contacts. But this will prevent the app from notifying you when a new message arrives.

With your mobile settings

To disable the preview from the settings of an Android device, go to Settings > Apps > Messages > Notifications. In the ‘Preview message’ option you will see two boxes: ‘Status bar’ and ‘Lock screen’. The name of the options may vary depending on the device, but regardless of this, the option will be found in the ‘Notifications’ section.

Unchecking the boxes will disable the preview of the messages on the screen. In the notification bar of the device, it can be unchecked a single box or both depending on preferences. To reactivate this function, you just have to check the boxes again in the same section of the configuration.

View messages without marking them as read

The preview of the messages is a tool that serves not only to get an idea of ​​the content of the message. If not, it is also a way of read the message without marking it as read. There are more tricks to view messages without marking them as seen in WhatsApp and other applications. But the preview is one of the most used methods.

Of course, the preview won’t work for messages that are too long, because the message will show incomplete. Although for short messages it will work without problems. In addition to that even if the message is not completely visible, if you can check the sender and the beginning of the message.

What should I do to disable the preview of my messages on Samsung?

Samsung Galaxy phones run under the Android operating system, so the instructions will be exactly the same than those of any Android device. However, being the Samsung Galaxy brand so well known, manuals can also be found on the internet to configure the notification panel of a Galaxy terminal.

write mobile message notifications

Disabling message preview allows some privacy protection for messages on a device. However, it must be taken into account that the messages cannot be viewed unless the application is entered. The advantage over this problem is that the preview can activate and deactivate as many times as you want.

Another way to avoid problems with notifications is simply mute contacts or groups in messaging apps, To avoid receiving unwanted notifications from any of them. As a more extreme measure, you can resort to blocking a contact. However, this brings as a problem that no contact can be maintained with said contact. So mute is the best option.